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loss of penis sensation

hello, i am 28. i started mastrubating at the age of 15.
at 15 my penis health was very good. i used to mastrubate once
or twice daily. after few years i used to mastrubate 3 times
a day sometimes. gradually the sensitivity of my penis skin
started declining, though i still have interest in sex, i have
this physical problem. i still don't have any sex partner.
after mastrubating i experience some pain inside my penis.
and since i don't have lot of sensation in my penis, i have
to mastrubate for a long time, and when i ejaculate the
pleasure i get is also of very low quality. i also don't
experience the typical symptoms associated with sexual arousal,
like fast breath, rise of the body temperature etc. now, i
have very less sensation in my penis and mastrubation is also
not pleasurable since i have to handle my penis quite roughly
for some time. i am very much worried as i am in  love with
one girl. i may not be able to marry at all. i want to know whether there is any non invasive treatment for this problem.
sometimes i feel that i don't have penis at all. in my opinion
my habit of excessive mastrubation contributed to this. in one of the other posts on "penile nerve damage" you have mentioned
about this problem. while urinating, my bladder doesn't get emptied completely, and after i zip up the pants few droplets
of urine come out which often causes embarrassment if i am in my office place. so please help me
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I would be evaluated by a urologist for this.  It is not normal at your age to have the feeling of urinary retention.  Checking the prostate for enlargement and a bladder scan (to document any retention) would be the first step.  

As for not feeling the symptoms of sexual arousal, you may want to obtain a testosterone level to make sure the problem isn't hormonal.  

As for other tests, various infections (i.e. STDs, UTIs, prostatitis) should be ruled out by your urologist.  Some kind of imaging (i.e. IVP or cystoscopy) can be considered to make sure that the problem isn't anatomical.  

If the urology workup is not revealing, you may want to consider a neurology referral to examine if there is any nerve damage.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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