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loss of sensation - cant reach orgasm

I am a 45 year old male, physically fit, normal alcohol consumption, non-smoker, no drugs.  About 7 years ago i had a vasectomy.  Since then i have notice a loss of sensation after acheiving an erection, so much so that i now take either viagra or cialis to maintain an erection during intercourse.  Even taking these drugs does not ensure orgasm.  I believe part of this has now become psychological - i have lost confidence in my ability to 'perform' during sex.  If i masterbate, i can achieve orgasm, but typically only if i watch x rated video and really work at it. during sex if i can't reach orgasm quickly, i will lose the erection, even with the meds.  This issue has had a huge impact on my marriage.  i have sought counseling, but that has not seemed to help.

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I have had a similar experience.  I had a vasectomy in 1993 at age 42.  I was told to wait 30 days before having sex with my wife or masturbating.  When I resumed sexual activity, I had a much reduced sensation in my penis and difficulting in achieving orgasm.  I went back and complained to my urologist and he told me to see a psychiatrist.  I went back to my General Practitioner, whose medical school buddy was a psychiatrist at a teaching hospital, and learned that there was a small but steady stream of people just like me ... none of whom were being treated successfully by psychiatry.  With the growth of the internet, and chat rooms, I have talked to dozens of people with reduced penile sensation following a vasectomy.

At this point, there is little understanding of what is going on to cause this phenomenon.  There is speculation that it is tied to an autoimmune response to the semen, which is going someplace it really shouldn't go.  (Semen, I have read, is highly allergenic ... and I certainly have plenty of allergies.)

At this point, you have to come up with coping strategies.  You need to schedule sex when you are not tired, use Viagra or other ED medications, and indulge in activities with your wife that are a particular turn-on.

I have discussed vasectomy reversal with several doctors, but they are leery of making a bad situation worse.  If the autoimmune response has done nerve damage (which they suspect) then reversing the vasectomy may not do any good.  Or maybe it might.  But as my doctor asked me, "Do you want to be the first one to try?"

The one really good piece of advice I have for you is to print off a copy of this correspondence and show it to your wife.  Both of you need to understand that this problem has nothing to do with your state of mind.
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I had a vasectomy when I was about 39 and did very well with great sensation and stamina until...I was about 49 and definitely was noticing changes in erectile strength and endurance. By the time Viagra hit the market, it was a godsend but I noticed that using it was different than with no meds in my system. Over the last 5 years I have appreciably lost orgasmic sensation. Otherwise, we have -over a period of 25 years - created an exciting and rewarding sex life. I particularly love watching her being pleasured by another (stronger) man and she has several lovers (a couple of 'old friends' before we married) whom she sees occasionally..either in our threesome  mode or by herself and later narrating the details to me. Such episodes tend to cause me a great excitement and increased sensation and endurance..sometimes without Viagra! Still, I'm nearly 67 and my pleasures with her are becoming more subtle and often voyeuristic and vicarious. This seems to have a naturalness and sense of progression. On another plus side, my wife works out nearly every day and looks terrific at age 65! She also loves being able to have male friends and lovers with diverse qualities Our love is very deep and we feel very privileged to have achieved this degree of trust and intimacy. I just wish I was the man I was 30 years ago... :=} It's still about learning to make a better lemonade...
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I am a 50 year old male. I was diagnosed with bladder tumors when i was 40. Since then I have had 2-3 cystoscopies a year and I must admit that I too no longer feel the intense orgasms durring ejaculation that felt before I had the cystosopies. part of being a man and wanting to have sex is the pleasure we all get durring an orgasm when we have sex. I no longer really care if I have sex or not. I can still get an maintain an erection but the lack of that "explosion" jut makes sex dull. On a scale of 1-10 before I had the cystos it was a 10 all the time, now since then I would rate it a 2-3. not only that but the semen in my ejaculation barely comes out of my penis. It does not "shoot"out but acually oozes out. Any sugestions for me?
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guys, im gladto hear that im not alone on this, im 32 and had it done(vasectomy) about four months ago. I have been telling my wife that when at the point of orgasim I dont feel a damn thing!  so has anyone heard anything in regards to possible treatment? richie7305, I am to the point that I dont care if i even have sex too.  I find sex to be dull too.  Im losing hope.    
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i am 43, single, I have always considered myself a ladies man, a bachlor, a seducer. As I approached 40, with a 25 year old girl, I began to beed the assistance of Cialis, took it once or twice a week, with great results, for her, for me, for my reputation.recently I ran out and a friend at a clinicdave me a pack of Leverta, i took a pill, great results, 2 weeks later saw her again, used a second dose, great results for her. I orgasmed, with ejaculation, but with no sensation of orgasm, just the spill of the seed, no feelings whatsoever like it was numb. for the last 2 weeks, with masturbation ejaculation, no fireworks, nothing.   very depressed  please help
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The vasectomy is not known to result in a decrease in pleasurable sensation or decrease in orgasmic sensations. Your problem seems to be a psychological one. If one is able to achieve the orgasm while masturbating, then one should be able to achieve the same while doing sexual intercourse also. I’ll suggest prolonging the foreplay as that should definitely help in improving the chances of reaching the orgasm. Viagra & other such drugs improve the erectile function and do not play a role in helping in reaching the orgasm. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
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i am taking tribenzor for high blood pressure  and sometimes when i take viagra before having sex  i find it not to work   is there any link to blood pressure medication and viagra not working   before i started taking the blood pressure medication it always seamed to work fine
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I had my vasectomy in 1999 at the age of 35. I had complications with it in the form of a hematoma and ended up loosing my left testicle a year later due to a Strep infection.

Prior to the vasectomy, I already had some problems obtaining an erection and had been using Viagra as prescribed by a urologist. The Viagra did nothing for me. In my case it could have been the result of a TURP and resection of the bladderneck. My problems were caused by a neurogenic bladder.

Given these facts I do not believe that a vasectomy changed anything for me. I had been coming down with epididymitis and orchitis at the rate of every 3 to 4 months. To try this from occuring I thought that by severing the vas defference infections could not longer end up in the testicles. To this date I have not had any infections of the remaining testicle.

I know that in my situation problems with sensation ED are caused by a neurological condition. In 2003, a urologist prescribed California tri-mix injections for me that once again enabled me to obtain erections as hard as I had experienced from my early teens to lat 20's. Having been told in 1995 that problems with an erection could be the result of a TURP and resection of the bladderneck that I needed, I believe that this had some psychological effect on me and I started having some ED problems towards my late 20's. Yet our youngest daughter was conceived about 11 months after my surgery. The urologist informed me at the time that conceiving child was not likely after the procedure.

I had consulted with the urologist on several follow ups regarding my neurogenic bladder. Cialis was prescribed but did nothing for me. In 2003 in a clinic for possible rehab regarding a neurological condition that I have, a consultation with a different urologist was part of the study in regards to sexual health. After having been interviewed by this urologist, it was determined that my problems were physical rather than psychological. Some of my problems could have been the result of medications for hyper tension, as well as neurological nature.
This urologist suggested injecting my penis with Caverject while in his office. It was determined that a good erection could be obtained with this injection and a prescription for California Tri-Mix double strenght was given.
After several years of not being able to obtain an erection, I now again could function sexually by the means of injecting myself. All this ended in 2008 when I ended up with a fistula between my prostate and rectum. Due to that I have not been able to have intercourse, or I should say that I have not tried it since. I first had a urethral catheter and than in 2009 had a suprapubic catheter placed. It is located between the navel and penis. I feel that it can get in the way during intercourse. Knowing that movement or puling of the catheter can cause severe pain has resulted in a psychological fear that this will take place. As a result I have not even tried the Tri-Mix injections.

Most of us are in our late 30's to early 40's and some decrease in the frequency and quality of erections will take place. The more that it takes place the more of a psychologial problem it can become. Medications can also impair erectile function. Some might be on meds for hypertension, cholesterol control, heart conditions, diabetes, thyrhoid probles and so on. These problems will start to present themselves around this age groups.

Most of you who come to either GP's or urologists will most likely end up with prescriptions of Viagra and Cialis as less invasive procedures, when the doctors determine that no psychological issues are present. In the case of pshycological problems, therapy is suggested.
Medications like Viagra and Cialis require sexual stimmulation, and have to possibility of not functioning if sexual stimmulation is abscent or insufficient. The posibillity of developing psychological problems while using these medicine aids can result. Example being, Viagra or Cialis has worked fine priviously but sinse it has failed to provide the expected results a few times, one starts to doubt if these medications will work. After all it has let you down on several occasions. No pun intended in letting you down.
Even though  an Muse or Caverject (California Tri-Mix are used due to physical, mechanical problems) these medications might result in desired erections.
In cases where these two forms of medicine treatments not working, surgical options in the forms of implants should be considered. The problems with these divices are infections after surgery, rejection of the implants or failure of the implant. Once an implant is considered and decided upon one must realize that all the other options of medications and injections are no longer aplicable. A mechanical change has been made as the implants are inserted into the erectile tissue of the penis. The implants in a sense cause permanent damage of the penis.
In worst case scenarios, loss of the penis following an implant gone wrong can result in loss of the entire penis. In a case of infections death is another potential real complication.

In no way or form will a vasectomy result in a physical problem of the erectile process. Even having lost one testicle after my vasectomy, I do have the very odd occasion where the penis becomes partially erect. Most of the times that this occured with me was if I fall asleep with my leg bag on instead of the bedside bag. The bedside bag holds a lot more urine than the legbag. As a result the legbag fills up and canno longer hold anynore urine. The bladder then starts to fill like it was in natural urination. As a result it sort of produces an erection as what I  used to have waking up after a night sleep or even a cat nap during the day. I guess they refer to it as a pee hardon.

In a vasectomy only the vasdefference is cut and has a small portion of it removed during the vasectomy. The actual gland remains the same. It wil still produce testosterone and continues to function as it did before the vasectomy. The only time that a problem can result is when the testes don't produce enough testosterone. In a situation like this, problems obtaining an erection was allready a problem prior to the vasectomy. This was the problem in my case. As a baby, I was born with two undescended testicles, my left descended before I was even one year old. The right testicle did not descend untill the age of 12 or 13. The family doctor at the time suggested that daily manipulation of the testicle might result in the testicle descending into the scrotum, which it did. If it would not have come down before the age of 14 he would have ended up performing an orchiopexy.

After I lost my left testicle due to the mentioned complications, my ED problems became worse. The urologist who treated me in the sexual health clinic had a blood test done to determine testosterone levels. My level was well below normal, to avoid problems with bone density muscle loss as well as erection problems, I was prescribed to take monthly  cc injections of Delatesteryl. Even after the injections of testosterone were boosted to nomal levels, I was still not able to obtain an erection without the California Tri-Mix double strenght injections.

I hope that this gives you a clear picture as to how a vasectomy does not impair the ability of obtaining erections. Unless testing shows that there is a physical problem(s) for ED, the cause is largely psychological.

All the best,

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TO Dr "Are you Stupid"

Can You not see the there is a side effect stated on all these sities that is diminished sensitivity.  This is a group of people who do not all the sudden,  from the emotional trama of a V, lose sensation?  This doesn't even make sense when you say it.  Maybe they can't get it up due to a the trama of a V, but not having a sensitive orgasm because of a mental condition?  Admit that doesn't sound remotely correct.  Admit there is a small sample (>5%) that have diminished sensation from a V procedure caused by physiological changes.

I have this condition and if you try to tell be I secretly feel vulnerable, incomplete, ect...   your on crack.  I was excited to try my new fixed part and I got a lousy orgasm  BECAUSE OF SOMETHING THE DOCTOR DID!!!   Talking about my mommy is not going to fix this, A Surgeon needs to.

So lets get this straight.  The cook says there are no mice in the kitchen, the customerssssssssssssss (many)  are imagining them, and need therapy to see past them.

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Have you even had  look at my long extensive post?

I have given a full account of what I have been through. I tired to explain that there most likely have been other factors involved to cause a lack of sensation or other side effects that cause problems with sexual function after a vasectomy.

Most men including myself do not really like to get a vasectomy but don't want to admit it. Even prior to having the vasectomy done there allready is a psychological problem.
In my case I did not have the vasectomy because we felt that it was a desired form of birth control. Condoms worked fine for me, even though there is a large group of men who claim that a condom deminishes the sexual sensation in their penis. Even with a peripheral neuropathy I did not notice any difference with a condom on.
I had the vasectomy because I had been having severe problems with UTI, kidney infections, epididymitis and orchitis at the alarming rate of about every 3 to 4 months. I came accross an article that mentioned that men who underwent a prostatectomy used to get a vasectomy at the same time to prevent infections in the testicles.

Due to complications I lost my left better functioning testicle. Due to the late stage of descent of the right, it was not producing enough testosterone and therefore testosterone is being supplimented.

I already had problems with ED and sexual sensation prior to my vasectomy as a result of neurological problems and having had a TURP and resection of the bladderneck to deal with an obstruction at the bladderneck.

Dr. Singh is not denying that there are problems with sensation in some men who have had a vasectomy. There is another cause for this problem, most likely psychological even though another cause might be present. He is not saying that it is impossible for it to be something else.

If we have one of our children and constantly tell them that they can't do well at their school work, their grades will fall after a while. This situation is simmilar to men having a vasectomy. Be honoust, most men really don't want to get a vasectomy in the first place. The few that do desire it for their personal reasons of it being a safe from of birth control most likely will function fine after the vasectomy.

I suggest that you educate yourself with proven facts before you start calling a person stupid about the situation at hand. Aspecially someone who has extensively more knowledge about the subject than what you might think you have.
If you come up with proven facts then you have every right to speak up. I myself would just state the facts without calling someone stupid. Doing so does not say a whole lot about your own inteligence.

All the best,


Ps. I even sign with my first name as I have nothing to hide.
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Apologies to all for skim reading your posts.  It's because I am so upset and my emotional and physical health is deteriorating, I can't concentrate. Here is my true story:  

Last year at this time I was getting up almost every hour or so because of pain or cramping in my lower abdomen.  About a week prior I had about 5 days of constipation which finally went away, but became more mildly chronic.  It took my g.p. or pcp about two months to give me an order for a sonogram.  It was found my bladder was not emptying fully.  Five years earlier when I reached 50, I did notice my urine stream was not as strong but long enough to empty bladder.  I was told this is just part of the aging process.

Then it took me another month to get in to see a urologist.  For several months the only way I could get 3 strait hours of sleep was in a sitting position in my easy chair.  He did another sonogram and immediately had me drained and said I needed to be hooked to a permanent catheter attached to a bag.  About three weeks later he did some exploratory procedure(cystoscopy?).  He did not even speak to me after.  I got second hand from a family member I had to self catheter indefinitely.  I was very depressed.  But it was better than having the foley catheter in you and a urine bag, of course.  But since my state only alots thirty catheters a month because I am on medicaid, I had to wash my catheters and reuse them because I had to self catheter 3 to 4 times a day.  I was getting uti's and irritation all the time that it was hard to take a simple leisurely walk.  However I could still have an adequit orgasm for sexual relief.

Since I suffer anxiety, I went head long, no research, to getting an appointment with a urologist at a large university health center in a large city about 100 miles away.  I was asked which doctor I wanted an appointment with.  Desperately and stupidly in hindsight, I just said give me the earliest appointment with any urologist in their system.  Well of course logic would tell you that if you get the doctor who is quickly available he is either inexperience, not very good, etc.  But I was too upset to think logically(like I am now even worse so).

So I get this young,fast talking, seemingly overcompensating for his lack of confidence, irritable doctor.  He had his nurse do some test with all these wires up my rectum and penis to insert dye.  He said my prostate was huge.  I myself could not delineate between the prostate, bladder, etc.  He said I needed a Turp(trans urethral resection of the prostate ?).  He never suggested that perhaps I needed a neurological test to see if my bladder was neurogenic or other procedures that do not have the main permanent side effect of turp: retrograde ejaculation(re), i.e. you will permanently be unable to ejaculate semen.  He never told me about re before the procedure.  Not knowing with turp thrown out the window is "first do no harm".  In a week I had the turp, two days in the hospital to drain blood. Just Before I was released they took the foley catheter out of me.  I was amazed that my stream was like a donkey and sufficient.  They did not have to send me home for a week or so with a catheter in me and a urine bag.

For a month afterwards I was urinating like a young guy when prior to turp I could barely free pee(without cathetering).  Then about 5 weeks after I was allowed to have sex.  I masturbated.  I was very disturbed and depressed.  No semen came out of me, the orgasm felt like nothing, and this caused me more tension.  I am a bachelor.  And then about a week later had sex with my sort of, girlfriend(she's in her 40's) she was so freaked out she has never talked to me again.  I was becoming very depressed.

Sex is essential for life on earth, but it also essential to relieve stress and adequit pleasure at least, should go along with it.  My turp was back in may 2012.  Recently I was having trouble relieving myself again.  I get a ride 130 miles and the mofo gives me about 5 minutes of his time and tells me to start cathetering again and gives me an appointent in 6 months!  I stopped him before he went out the door and told him this retrograde ejaculation goes along with having no feeling with orgasm.  He denied that, he said it was a psychological issue.  I did not confront him with the fact that he never told me about re because I needed an rx for catheters real fast because I ran out of the ones I started using the left overs prior to the turp.

I have exhausted the internet. It seems  THERE ARE NO PROCEDURES, DRUGS, GENETIC TREATMENTS, IMPLANTS, ETC THAT CORRECT PERMANENT RETROGRADE EJACULATION.  The reason re is permanent after turp is because the procedure destroys whatever that part of the anatomy it is that allows your semen to flow out of your phallus or penis.  Instead it dumps into your urinary bladder just like your pee.

I know a guy who has no legs from mid thigh, wheelchair bound, but he has a pretty wife, three children, works, competes in athletic competition, etc AND HAS GOOD SEX he tells me.  I would trade places with him in a microsecond.  

And now I have a major gastroenterology problem.  I can't stand this suffering, especially the inability to have adequate sexual release and adequate pleasure from it.  To be quite frank, I feel I would be better off dead.  I can't even bear to hear the word sex anymore.  It was not like I was a sex maniac prior to re, on the contrary.

I would be grateful for any replies from fellow patients or doctors medhelp
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I have to disagree doctor. Since having my vasectomy I have never achieved orgasam and I have attended several appointments to address this problem. Physiologically, mentally and physically I am normal. But the ongoing problems have caused a rift in my marriage to the point that we are now separated and filing for divorce. I want a reversal but the whole NHS system is geared only to sterilising and not addressing the problems caused to a few. I want and need a reversal !!!!
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