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low back pain and right sided groin pain

  I'm not sure if anyone on this forum can help but I thought I would give it a shot.  Over the past four months I have been having right sided lower back and groin pain.
  The initial syptoms where only this but over the past two months I have had right calf pain in my leg.  My family physician initially prescribed naproxen thinking it was only
  strained back.  This did not work,  but helped a little.  After this he prescribed prednisone,  thinking still it is a strained back.  This helped a little but the pain was still
  very intense.  He recommended an MRI of the lower back and some therapy.  After one month of traction and excercise we are nowhere and the MRI was negative,  by the way I am only
  31 years old.  He suggested then a physiatrist who did a bone scan and another MRI.  Everything here once again is fine.  I have seen a chiropracter for one month and this has not
  The reason I write you is that all of the doctors don't seem to think I should be having the groin pain I have described to them.  The pain I have in the groin is a very dull pain
  which worsens when lifting and especially sitting.  The testicles are not sensitive but the pain appears to be in the tube connected to the back of the right testicle.  If pressure
  is put on this tube it hurts and will cause groin pain most of the day.  Also,  I must mention it feels as though the groin muscles
  are so tight that I have to stretch them almost every 15 minutes.  It also feels like when the groin muscles are real tight the pain in my "tube" is less then when I stretch my mucsle.
  Overall,  stretching does help the pain a little,  but I have been on pain killer for 4 months on and off and I am unable to active whatsoever,  to the point I cannot even pick up my
  children.  One other point to note is that the pain goes away when I lie on my back but immediately returns when I stand and especially sit.
  Another thing to note is that I was kicked in the testicles very hard in February,  but these symptoms did not seem to come about until May several days after golfing and lifting
  some heavy items.  I have not yet seen a Urologist but am planning a visit next week.  Am I wasting my time at a Urologists or could some trauma to the testicles produce back and leg
  pain that goes away when lying.  Also,  I have NO other symptoms such as blood in the urine problems during sex,  etc.
  Sorry for the long post.
  Thanks you in advance for any suggestions.
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Dear Ron,
I think going to see a urologist will probably give you your answer. It is very difficult to make a judgment in your case due to the fact that an examination is so important.  It sounds like your doctors have been very thorough in their work-up your condition  of your back by doing  an MRI but as you say , your pain may becoming from your groin.  If you were my patient I would want to propose a list of possible reasons that could be causing your pain and check each possibility carefully.  This is called a differential diagnosis.
In your case the list would consist of:
1)Infection (epididymitis);Inflammation
2)Inguinal hernia
In my opinion most of these possible diagnoses have not been evaluated.
Infection- you have not been given antibiotics,and there is no history of urine analysis or culture.  An ultrasound of the scrotum would show an infection of the epididymus or Vas deferens the cord behind the testis..
Inguinal Hernia-  This would be evident on a good physical exam(cough,cough).
Varicocele-dilated veins in the scrotum around the testicle again seen with an ultrasound.
Hydrocele- fluid collection around testicle.
It sound like your doctors have not worked-up your problem completely.  Make sure they have addressed the above issues.  You may want to take an over the counter anti-inflammatory medication to help with the pain and inflammation in the mean time.  I think once you see the urologist next week, he or she can diagnose if there is any pathology in the scrotum and rule out a hernia.  If an ultrasound is necessary it also can be ordered.
This information is provided is provided for general medical educational purposes only.  Please consult your physician for diagnostic and treatment options pertaining to your specific medical condition.  More individualized care is available at the Henry Ford Hospital and its satellites (1 800 653-6568).
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