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masturbation and back ache and weakness

Hello Doctor,

         This is Rahul here.I am a 24 year old boy and I have completed graduation and will start working in three months time from now.I'm sorry my mail is lengthy but i think I need to describe my problem in detail.

          At an age of 12 or 13 I started masturbating occasionally.As I grew older ,without knowing its ill effects i started doing it more frequently.In the early stages I used to do it thinking that it would stop my nocturnal emissions.When I was 16,17 & 18 I started feeling very weak after regular masturbation.As a consequence the frequency of nocturnal semen emissions increased further.I was a shy kind of a guy so I could not discuss the problem with my friends.By this time I lost concentration and started performing badly in studies and simultaneously i got used to watching adult fims.This addiction has grown ever since .In the mean time I have consulted various ayurvedic doctors and learnt about the ill effects of masturbating and i have also taken various ayurvedic medicines.The medicines have helped me and i have stopped masturbating but once I watch an adult movie I invariably feel weak and give into masturbation.

                  My physical condition is such that I feel weak all the time and my Knee joint feels weak.I have a lower back ache which increases when i masturbate.My energy level is very low.There is a weakness in my legs also.I have also developed an uneasyness in my head ,im not sure if its relevant.I want to become a good man and want to be fit when i start working.kindly suggest how will i be able to rejuvenate my body ache and sexual health and gain my childhood energy.will

eagerly wait for your reply.

Thanks and regards,


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I also have had a problem with bad back trouble (in fact sciatic nerve damage) due to masterbation.  The only cure is to stop.  I also saw a chiropractor which helped a lot.
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Rahul,   I have the same problem with you!  I started to masturbated when I was 15 and until now, and I noticed that my penis and scrotums are shrinking due to masturbations.  Is it happening the same to you? Do you think your penis is a normal size? I always feel bad and no energy, I try to be as active as possible.  
I also want to regain my childhood energy like you, I guess we're on the same boat.
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This is utter nonsense -- masturbation does not cause back problems -- the back is not yet fully evolved, we strain our backs as they are presently structured, just by walking -- and when we lift things, and so forth -- we worsen the condition.

Masturbation also certainly does NOT cause weakness -- if it did there would be no, or very few, strong men in the world -- but there are as many as bother to exercise.

You are looking to ancient myths (probably furthered by certain religious groups) in the attempt to understand the natural process of aging.

Male peak occurs at about 18.  By your mid-twenties, there has been significant decay -- unless you actively have fought it -- and this from a 40 year old, who has actively fought it -- and mostly won -- although he also masturbates AND HAS SEX regularly.


note the "bash religion" spin and attack on this post. now in 2016, we see that same logic, on a grand scale. From media outlets and facebook users...all pushing the LGBT/Atheist wants upon masses. however the reality is, masturbation in older ages can cause bleeding internal hemorrhoids  . Google hemmorrhoids and masturbation and the truth is seen by science. But if you google "can masturbation damage you" you will be flooded with all sorts of anti God, pro LGBT posts and stories. ANYTHING to stop people from thinking that Sex should have brakes. the LGBT and Atheist groups are skewing search results in mass at this point, 8 years after this man's post.
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This is the Postorgasmic Ilness Syndrome (POIS) . Great specialist  of ejaculation Dr Marcel Waldinger write a scientific study on this rare syndrome. Some flu-like symptoms (knee pains, back pain) must be signs of inflammation.
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i have the same problem and i have noticed that i have back pain if i masturbate ...but i have made another observation that i have the same kind of pain when i am weak due to illness or physical exertion. so i think its not the masturbation thats causing the pain ... masturbation is causing the weakness which in turn is causing the back ache ... and i totally disagree with every one supporting the point that masturbation does not cause weakness .. .it does when your already weak ...
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I am 26 years old and i masturbated for 17 years old continuously.

when i was ninetheen,i started feeling many problems due to this addiction and i started trying to quit masturbation but u know that addictions aren't easy to get rid of quickly.  
I also had wet dreams twice in the past 20 days and each time i felt more exhausted when i woke up in the morning. is there any way i can avoid wet dreams as well to preserve my energy???

Following are the major symptoms:
- My pelvic muscles have become weak. I feel light pain in my groin, lower back, theighs etc.
- I feel tired and exhausted all the time.
- Weak erecrtions.
- no morning erections as i once used to have.
- The length and girth of my sexual organ has also been reduced when erect.
- loss of sensitivity in the sexual organ.
- pain in all my joints and neck.
- I feel unconfortable in my prostate region as well. feels like it is swollen or something.
- depression
- lack of ability to have a good night sleep.
- concentration and focus problems.
- loss of memory
- unable to perform any heavy physical or mental work

To take the first step i have already stopped masturbating completely and i dont watch any porn.

Kindly seggest me ways to recover as quickly as possible. I am not expecting that i will get recovered 100% in a week but there must be some way to speed up my recovery process. I am a student actually and it is so hard for me to see myself losing my grades just like that. when i quit masturbation i was expecting that i would be better in a month or so but it isn't exactly how i preseumed it to be. I am drained of a lot of energy and important nutrients i guess.

Please Please Please help me here. God bless you all for doing such a nice job and helping patients without reward
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I faced this problem for a long time.In fact the entire period of my graduate school.It may be due to physical weakness.Ive taken a long break and started doing yoga which has helped strengthen the joints and back.Try it.It really works.I feel more strong now.
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DONT Write unless you have FACTS, Thats what Doctors say, Masturbation is good, its natural. (DOCTORS ARE FULL OF ****) only those who suffer no for the fact. I know from my experience, once you suffer there is no going back, after tons of blood test, vitamins, Ayurveda supplements etc are all BIG ********.  Something is eating me from inside.

Ellen G, is right after all, I have the following symptoms, and I am nearing death, there is no going back. Doctors...you got it all wrong.  
1. Brain weakened

2. Cancerous tumors


4. Dropsy

5. Eye-sight weakened

6. Headache
7. Head decay

8. Insanity

9. Kidney disease

10. Liver disease

11. Lung disease

12. Memory loss
13. Nervous system damage

14. Neuralgia

15. Pains in the system

16. Premature death

17. Rheumatism

18. Spinal weakness/problems

Please look at this article it surprised me because I think he ELLEN is right, not becoz I am seventh day wtever but I am feeling it. http://www.ellenwhiteexposed.com/criticc.htm

FROM THE VICTIM, past 4 years
Still alive mate
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This thing is tru. I have done  it 4 three years and now i get bak pain, my lungs are feeling also like heavy and alot more mentioned. But i thank all the guys who have come out. One time i quit 0 but thats when i had a galfriend around like she gave me good sex. I encourage every1 whoz suffering (and me) to get some good sex coz it helps u quit. This thing can kill u slowly - get a galfriend atleast 4 ur lifesake get an outcall
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I suggest concetrated food suppliments. COD lIVER OIL. Is my best alternative. Try cod liver oil+mulitivits seven seas ( am not a marketeer) The fish oils have the essential nutrients that u need. These are the same nutreients in semen and that help during metabolism to release energy. It clears all that u have mentioned.
Adopt a healthy lifetsyle too. exercise etc you'll see that it works.
Best regards
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I'm Mike,
25 years old
Have Problems:-
1. Lower Back Pain (Even while asleep on flat floor)
2. Losing Energy (extremely low stamina)
3. Losing Memories (Cant remember 4 digit numbers)
4. Leg pain (can walk but while sitting on ground or chair, cant stand back straight. Its like its been frozen)
5. Dizziness
6. Laziness (barely feel like going to bathroom)
7. Aging (Use to look teen at 20's but now people see me 40+) (and they believe i colored my hair)
8. Hair loss
Blah blah blah, let me cut to the chase

Let me take you all to solution. (My experience and people that advised)
1. Stop doing it for a while.
2. Maintain balance, but first stop it for atless 2 months.
3. Exercise more often. Not weight lifting but cardio exercise. (Skip rope, boxing, dancing etc.. anything but just move!
4. Change your life style (go jogging every morning for less 30 minutes.
5. Drink lemonade (master cleansing) (although its not related to it but it gives 90% boost + freshness) (you'll be wide awake in office / active)
6. Waste your time outside your room then sitting on computers / games.
7. Get in trouble like getting kidnapped / lost cause (i'm serious) (Your brain stars working when your in different type of tensions.. Also prevents you thinking about jerking) ( go hiking, be adventurous every month) change the god danm lifestyle!
8. Get married or have a girlfriend..
9. Switch of your smart phones and laptops while you come back home.. Or before going to bed.
10. Just exercise or do yoga thing people

We exceeded doing it everyday.. And if your telling me athletics are in good shape and healthy, then its cuz they are getting laid and they have someone pushing them to workout then sit like nerd jerking around. I had physical contact with females and noticed i don't feel like doing it more often. So get married i guess..

idk if you get this part what i'm about to say.. but might boost and quick result.. Is to kill zombies! Nor game or reality.. What I'm saying is just imagine you got attacked by zombies.. Will u think of jerking? Distract your mind people..

Be glad this community is all about masterbation topic..  I'm been in forums of aids and cancer sort of topics were people have no hope continuing their lifes..

I'm healed pretty good.. No back pain anymore.. (Remember: masterbating is for losers) people here not getting often physical contact i guess. Get married.. Get bored of it already!
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Thank you.

I was "distracting" myself of it by looking for solutions on the internet, found some exercises video, but man it was done by a fit girl in a very good shape and I almost closed the browser and switch to porn.. glad I decided to check one more search result.

Although the death thing was funny, your comment encouraged me! The zombies thing worked instantly cause I used to play a very realistic game of fighting zombies..
Your comment was a bit rough, that is precisely why it worked wonders.

I've already been in a 3-months-subscribiton to a gym in the progress of fighting the urge back, I did miss out a lot of the first month though. I'll work with your advices on the most part, but being the socially awkward guy that most masturbaters are, I don't think I can go out that often, and I live in a city where it's to populated/polluted for jogging, but I'll stick to the gym more often and go with cardio exercises and swimming!

P.S. I don't believe in sex pre-marriage, I think it will be a while till I actually have sex which is the ultimate solution written on almost every search result, but I'll try my best! D:

Hope this encourages others that are in the same boat as the posters! (except the dying guy lol, if you're on that boat you probably have something else going wrong.)

21 years old.
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You are wrong, masturbation is one of the main cause of back pain and it makes your body becomes weak. I experienced it before. so...STOP MASTURBATE!!!
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does sciatic nerve damage due to masturbation?
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long term masturbation causes joint pain and loss of focus. take it or leave it
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how to overcome it?
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My palms fat my elbows different my back slump I feel embarrassed
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Thanks guys i also have the same problem, can't control my self doing this thing every day for a year now, however i am masturbating since when i was 15, but the last year was at its peak and started my severe back pain. I really hope stopping it will improve me but really that is something very difficult. I'll try my best to think about the zombie idea. Thanks.
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I'm 18 now, and played for a top 5 team in the country a couple years ago. When I was 15 I started masturbating more and more and this is exactly what I felt. I could not jump anymore, and I didn't know why, I was training every day but becoming weaker at the same time. Right knee pain and back pain were so bad I got an MRI and the doctors found nothing each time. the pain was so bad I had to take time off. I also had no energy, and was always tired and sluggish. It was only until after i didn't make the team the next year that I found out my problem. I stopped masturbating for 2 weeks and every thing went back to normal. I had my energy back and everything, however, after a month! I was flying on the court no more right knee pain, back pain was still there but had gone down. Stamina was back, adrenaline was pumping through my blood like never before. Then I started masturbating again and it was like I lost my powers (swear to god). So now I have it down to a science, I cannot masturbate and play sports at a high level it takes me about a week to "regenerate" or what ever you want to call it. This is proven, I go through it every day, no one can tell me otherwise. I also forgot to mention the most prominent issue, the joint pain. My joints get so week it's disgusting, I almost always get injured afterwards and even walking up the stairs is an issue honestly. If I ever find a cure to this y'all will know.
It is called kidney deficiency, go find a chinese doctor.
We're so similar! Every time I masturbate it hurts my lower back afterwards (and it lasts for days). The only way to stop it is my stopping masturbating for weeks, then rarely do it after a full recovery.
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the masturbating ruin my life . it cause weakness .i was too weak to live my life . it was very bad. i still suffer of back pain somtimes and lost a lot things when thinking about it right now. after all u have to stop doing that. just change the subject of ur mind when it comes. go for a ride go walking dont lye on ur bed or sit on pc . dont ruin ur life by this addictive . too bad . if u had a addictive to cocain or opium is better than this **** .it ******* eating u from inside . u just pulling out ur energy and ur health from ur **** . its a shame for me now . i am doing this very often now and for days my back killing me . i lost a lot of thing . my advice to younger is JUST DONT ******* MASTURBATE.GO TO GYM AND PULLING OUT UR ENERGY THERE AND BE HEALTHY . thank u all . i wish u all a life witout mas
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Gud mrng Sir my age is 22 and i have started fis bad habit in 14 age i have a lot of health issues related to my bad habit i guess. Masterbating made me a complete weak person iam niw feeling back pain hair loss memory loss all of my joints are paining neck albow nees hips bone wrist all of dat and having thin semen problem quick discharge m not able to stay fir a minute when i jerk please help me to get back to normal i want to be the same handsome and healthy and smart and i hav lost my skin colour vry dark now a days my face is like older man i want to stay fit healthy strong handsome help me
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