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mistakingly applied UNDILUTED DETTOL in my penis

hello, i mistakingly applied UNDILUTED DETTOL over my penis , inside, between foreskin and head, scrotum and everywhere,,,( i thot that it would stop the itch and smell)....after that it burnd so much , after 3 hours burning got over , but penis got swelling...on left side.........next morning swelling got away but some white-yellowish fluid was seen between foreskin and head, ,,,,,,,and also color of foreskin over head also became more black..............today...after 3 days, skin over the scrotum peeled off ..( no pain)......but i noticed that skin is peeling over foreskin also. and i cannot retract it  also, because the foreskin cracks when i try to retract it, and the white liquid is still coming.....its coming out through the gap its getting,,( sticking my foresking with underwear)..........the first 2 days after applying dettol, i cleaned that fluid , then i  thought that its body's recovery methood so i left it to it, but now its not retracting, and hurting as i said above.....

please suggest something
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Hi there!

Well, this sounds like an allergic inflammatory process over a primary infection. Though the inflammation would heal well on its own, you could try applying a 1% steroid ointment mixed with an anti-biotic to help with the process. It is also advised to see a primary care physician or a urologist for appropriate management of a possible genitor-urinary infection.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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my case is similar to the above, and i wanted to know will the wound heals automatically or it requires the dermatologists assistance. Suggest me the doctor is it urologist or dermatologists.
At least suggest me the ointment names and where to be applied.
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