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mothers maiden name

My mom is 83 and has type 2 diabetes.  Her recent blood work shows Gluecose Serum 231
                                                                                                       Glom Filt, Est 56 L, Triggycerides 359 H, Hemoglobin Alc 10.8 H

Is she facing Kidney failure?  We are going next week to dr. to discuss, but wanted to know what she is facing.
Thank you
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A glomerular filtration rate of 56 is a moderate decrease in kidney function and is not unexpected on the basis of her age and her diabetes. A nephrologist could give you a more expert opinion, but I do not think that you can predict that she is facing kidney failure in the sense that she will require dialysis. I think that she needs to be followed with checks of her renal function over time to learn if there is a trend. Certainly, better control of her diabetes and reduction of her triglycerides will help to maximize her chances of avoiding or slowing down further decline in her glomerular filtration rate.
Hope that this helps.
S.A.Liroff, M.D.

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