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my penis nerves are damaged, what can I do?

Hello there, thanks for taking your time to read my question, for 4 years, I've been masturbating aggressively wrong, I was constricting my penis from getting fully erect and I would ejaculate like in flaccid state, then the right part of my penis became numb and feels dead, no sensation to touch, my right testicle no more sensitive as before, then I continued on masturbating but still did that type of masturbation where I would rub the underside with pressure with my thumb and middle finger, and at that time, only the left part of my penis and testicles were sensitive, but last year, I did that same masturbation technique, something went wrong, I twisted it a bit, and felt like a something on the left underside of my penis moving and my left testicle also moved in an unnatural way back down, and felt like it was partly detached of its surrounding, till that night, my left testicle is no more as sensitive as it was before, I could get an erection by only playing with it but now it is no more sensitive, and now my penis and the underside of it feels numb and lost sensitivity, I thought that if I would stop watching porn and masturbating, everything would go back fine, but I was wrong, I can still get an erection from watching porn or stimulating my penis a lot, but I cannot keep an erection, I have to go like straight to orgasm, after 30s or so, my erection go and my penis would slowly return back to flaccid state, when I get hard, I have to do like death grip masturbation to feel pleasure and be able to orgasm, my underside of my penis is like completely numb, I can still ejaculate and get an erection but I cannot maintain an erection, and my penis completely is numb, when flaccid it feels dead-like, that's a very embarrassing story which I never wanted to tell to anyone but now all hope is lost for me, that's why I posted this, to know if there is still kind of a small hope left for me, I am a 19 year old virgin, and foreplay cannot arouse me and get me hard, if I abstain from masturbation like five days or more, I can get an erection, but my sensitivity that I had before is lost, and to add insult to injury, I went to two different doctors, one did a sperm and urine test with me, and nothing was wrong in the tests, and both of them examined me, and told me nothing was wrong, that I am too stressed about it, and I should stop thinking about it negatively, everything is fine with me, and both prescribed antibiotics, telling me that there's some inflammation inside and after taking them everything will go fine, but I still have the same problem, I don't know if I damaged my nerves completely, sometimes I google my problems, and find that a lot of people that suffered from like the same thing as me, they would undergo nofap and no porn for a period of time, and everything would go back to normal for them, I also started that, and on the second third and fourth day, I would get two to three erections, if I imagined just somekind of hot situations with my girlfriend, and sometimes the erections would last up to one minute or a bit more, but still on the underside of my penis, it's sensitivity does not seem to come back, and during the following days, my penis would eel numb and dead-like, and then I get back to watch porn to see if I can still get an erection, and ejaculate, I plan to restart the nofap challenge hoping that it can atleast allow me to be able to get a bit of sensitivity back and be able to maintain an erection, but I am hopeless deep inside, if you could give any kind of information, help explanation and advice to make things a bit right for me, that would be great for me, and yes I am a healthy 19 year old virgin, thank you for reading it
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Hello. How are you now?
Any improvement?
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OK, I can see this Q was almost 5 yrs ago - any updates on your condition, ammonrune? Did you ever find a solution? Are things a little more back to normal?

I do think a lot of your prblm stemmed from the unusual technique you were using during masturbation - it’s well-known that many guys who use kind of a ‘death grip’ end up desensitizing their penis & need to try using a less ‘traumatic’ technique, which may take some time. You’ve unintentionally ‘trained’ yourself to one specific type of stimulation, and as many of us know, it’s often harder to UN-learn a habit than it was to learn it in the first place...

So please check in here & let us know how you’re doing - your experience could help someone else in a similar situation...
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