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need advice what can i do ? HELP

I was supposed to have a normal Vaginal  partial hysterectomy Dr said snip snip snip then i could go home in and out.
surgery was nothing normal . come to find my self staying over night due to the fact that they snipped my Bladder; I was filled with gauze that i was not aware of until they wanted to remove it I was shocked . and in pain !!!! went home with a Foley  one week later Dr takes it out . then i start urinating threw  my Vagina. gushing or urine coming out I had to where diapers and pads i go back to my Dr he sends me to a urologist this Urologist inserts a Foley dose a vagina  ultrasound says he cant see nothing sends me home pissing like a horse Thur my Vagina . i am still gushing urine. i go back to him shows him im still gushing He DC the Foley and says come back in a week ? I go back and says i want another Urologist Dr takes me to the Urologist he exam-ens me and says OMG there are so many stitches in hear and it is all infected and *****  they can't find where the leek is coming from sends me home with antibiotics still gushing urine threw my vagina  says they gonna have to do a CT scan to see where it is leaking from . another 4 days go by i see another Urologist that says we need to fix this right away he sceduels me for the next day for surgery to put a stent in comes to find out i have a Tear in between my bladder and my urethra , now i have a urinary tract infection and im leaking when i lay down or i get up to go to the bathroom to pee . and all and all im paying out of my own pocket for all my supply's and medicines and bills is this fare ? what can i do ? all the DR's  say this can happen REALLY !!!!!
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