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need help soon-back pain and bladder problems

Hi! Had an mri done and x-rays of lower back, mri showed bulging disc in L5-S1 affecting bladder,strong urge to go whenever I stand or walk much plus severe back aches if Im up more than one half hour. Ive been to a urinologist, had cystoscopy, all seems okay there, but Im getting scared now, as have had this since October, Im heading to pain management, also went to my chriopractor, he was worried, did minor adjustments, but all pain and urgency still here.My mri also has schmols nodes, Im confused , so any help would be appreciated!!!Thanks!!!!!
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A bulging or heniated disc occurs secondary to back trauma caused by lifting heavy objects or straining.

When a herniated disc starts compressing the spinal nerves in its vicinity, symptoms of radiculopathy appear which often involve bladder symptoms, such as bladder control.
Treatment from a chiropractor or physiotherapy provides temporary and partial relief at best.

Treatment specific to the herniated disc is warranted before the disorder causes further damage and affects bladder and movement more strongly.

A neurosurgeon can evaluate your condition further (since there is nerve involvement) and prescribe further management which may involve microsurgery for the affected disc.

"Schmorl's nodes are protrusions of the cartilage of the intervertebral disc through the vertebral body endplate and into the adjacent vertebra."

The role of Schmorl's nodes in back pain are still being determined.
So your primary focus should be on treating the disc.

Do keep us posted on your doubts and progress
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Hi! Thank you for answering my questions, I am going to see a pain management doctor, specializing in anesthesiology, Im in the hope he'll send me to a neurosurgeon, would this be the right next move, I do not want to be sent to physical therapy, which my doctor wanted me to go to. Your information made me feel like someone finally understands my need for help, so THANK-YOU!!!!!!!!!!
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