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need help

i have been in severe abdominal pain for 8 years.i have been to 2 mayo clinics and they sent me to a gynecologist and a gi doctor. i have been to many doctors, but all the doctors say i have cronic pain. i was tested once at the emergency room for a urinary tract infection, but they never cultured it. is it posible to have a urinary infection without testing positive for one. not one doctor has ever given me antibiotics, i have to urinate frequently, the pain is getting worse all the time in my bladder and when the gynecologist tried to exam me last time i past out, because it was so painful.i really think i have a urinary tract infection that has been untreated for 8 years.it feels like it may have spread to other organs. the pain is unbearable like labor pains.i feel certain it is in my urinary tract, but when i get my period the pain gets even worse,i shake all over in pain for days.i take 5- 5mg percocet a day, but the pain has become so bad, it hardly helps the pain most of the time. does anyone know if i could have a urinary infection without testing positive for one and if so how bad could the infection be if untreated for 8 years.
      i would appreciate all opinions.
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When you mentioned that when you get your period the pain gets even worse the first thing that came to my mind was endometriosis. Enometriosis can affect all organs in the abdomen and the pain can feel like labor pains, it is so severe. You should get this checked out to see if it could be endometriosis. Hope you get some answers and more importantly some relief.
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they ruled out endometriosis.it is becoming more obvious this is a urinary tract infection never treated, bladder problems, or lymes disease. i am having major urinary tract and bladder pain. my period probally makes the pain worse.i was able to get some amoxycylin which i started today, so im so hoping this will help.thanks for responding.you would of thought with 8 years of pain,some doctor would of reccomended trying antibiotics.
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Is your amoxycylin working? I hope so - 8 years is a long time to be in pain - that's disgraceful that no one has given you antibiotics before now. Let me know how you are feeling. There is another condition called ademyosis (which basically is endometriosis inside the womb (in the inner lining) which causes severe pain during your period. This condition can only be diagnosed after Hysterectomy when the womb is pathologically examined. It does seem however that your problem may be in your bladder -  once your antibiotic is finished and you wait a couple of days, if you still have pain go back to see your doctor again to be referred back to the hospital. Good Luck.
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You have noted that the abdominal pain has started 8 years ago.

What were the circumstancs that have triggered its onset?

Were there any associated history of trauma or injury  to the area?

Prior to the onset of the symptoms ,were there any history of surgery or repeated instrumentation?

Any underlying bleeding or clotting disorder?

Was there any initial assessment done at the onset of your symptoms 8 years ago?
If yes, what diagnosis was given?

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