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need to pee after orgasm

  Lately I have had an unbelieveable urge to pee after I ejaculate, sometimes nothing comes out (I really didn't have to pee).  Other times, if sexual excitement lasts long, I will lose my erection because I have the feeling I need to pee.  I went to the doctor and he did a urinalysis and it came back perfect.  I am 30, have never had any STD's or a urinary track infection.  I have been with the same woman for 7 years.  She once was diagnosed with Clamidia, but then tested again and they said it was wrong, but they gave her antibotitics anyway - this was many years ago.  I am not on any medication, and only take a centrum once a day (for year and years), so nothing has changed in my diet.  The doctor told me to ignore the felling, but it is a horrible feeling and I would like to know what I should look for and then maybe see someone else, and direct them a little.  But it is something I can not ignore.  Thank you very much, I think this is an excellent service!
Dear Darryl,
The normal physiology of erections and ejaculation involves closure of the bladder neck due to the sympathetic nerve fibers that are also responsible for ejaculation.  When one ejaculates, the bladder neck closes so that the semen does not go backwards into the bladder.  This closure of the bladder neck will also make it difficult to urinate for several minutes after ejaculation, even if the bladder is full.  Therefore one may think that they didn
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