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ngu, nsu urethra problem

Hi mate after reading your post it seems like we have similar symptoms i just wanted to know if you still have the problems and what you have tried.

all the best


here is my post :

Hi everyone I don't want to bore you so I will and just give the facts:

Sexual encounter September 2010 used condom unprotected oral.

No Problems but regular Std check a few weeks later reveals NSU, check was done via swab into urethra.

Treatment high dose doxycycline and two other anti biotics that I can't remember the name, pain in urethra develops and get worse and worse as time progresses and pain in head of penis.

During this time and after I abstain from sex and masturbation.

I notice that pain is particularly bad after long car journeys.

I have to leave to work in UAE one more test before I go and they said no std or NSU found anymore but I'm still having problems, doc gives me a different antibiotic to help as he thinks could be a uti that has turned into prostitis.

Unhappy life for first few months in UAE due to pain and I had no plans to go docs out here too many horror stories.

I start to masturbate more and find that days when I don't masturbate regularly I have urethra pain.

8 months later i get a gf I tell her everything (she had std test all clear as well) and we have sex with condom and protected oral as well. All good no problems extra to normal but original  problem is still there but low level but have now noticed difficulty in maintaining erections.

We go back to UK and I pay for me and GF to do a send off your urine STD test at Thesticlinic.com they say on the site they test for about 8 things the NHS does not, tests come back clear.

A few weeks later we back in the UAE amd have unprotected sex, a week after urethra problems are back and pain in head of penis and perinium.

I had a load of doxycycline with me which I take over a few weeks and the problem returns to low level, now Im too scared to ever try unprotected oral or sex with the girl I'm now married to.

I go back home to UK and tell the docs I'm worried about my prostate, they do finger test and then send me for an ultra sound but it's all clear and shows no problems.

I return to the UAE my current condition is this

Low level pain in length or urtethra and head of penis worse when I don't *** often.

And ever since I first got this I have been staining my boxers yellow when doing sports stains are  around the perinium and balls and never  where the head of the penis is and I have never had any discharge ever.

Is this still NSU / NGU I feel like I will never get rid of this, is Anyone else going through this?

When I go home again I'm going to ask for a urethra camera test.

Could this have been caused by damage to urethra from cotton swab tests?

Could it be a fungal thing I have had tongue thrush forever?

Can anyone help or relate :(
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