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numerous veins on penis (and a std)

dear doctor,

Iam 17 years old first off, but on christmas day of 012, i was casually smoking weed with my buddies just celebrating the day of xmas. Then randomly out of no where my the tip of my penis started to swell and got purple, with pretty bad pain. I also spotted out new veins to appear along the shaft then it splits to both sides of the head, i am also un circumsised. My groin area started to shake my legs pretty bad and got me terrified!! So my friend rushed me to the hospital and i got checked out, i was diagnosed with a yeast infection. I was given Clotrimaderm/hyderm, but the doc never explained what i was in risk of or anything which got me worried. All it said was to apply 3 times a day daily which i do. After this incident i continually to smoke weed for the next couple days which was the cause for swelling and pain, which i never thought was possible. Yes, i am a chronik weed smoker but i had to quit due to this condition. I even tested it to make sure it was weed that caused the swelling, and it was.... i did some research on new veins it was either (lymph node inflamation) or (penis thrombosis) after reading on some info it was from vigerous sexual activity from which i had. My last sexual activity i went for 3 hours without a condom, also when she was giving me head i felt my frengulum rip, its not ripped completely but im worrired the next time i do it will tear. I had to cut out masturbation because when i did, i will get swelling and it is very uncomfortable. which really ***** cause you know teenagers, our hormones are all over the place! ok but my question is what do you think i shall do? iam very worried about this thinking will i even be able to masturbate or have sex again? How long will it take the Yeast infection to clear up? will my frengulum heal over time? why does weed cause my tip to swell? life has got pretty ******, no masturbation and weed, like the two things that made me relax mostly just token away from, well its my fault i know but still, i need the best info and maybe have a idea what i may have to go through, thanks alot hope you can anwser my questions:)
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Hi there!

Cannabis can cause both vasoconstriction and vasodilation, which could be responsible for the symptoms, while traumatic sexual activity may lead to inflammation presenting similarly. I would suggest cutting down on the weed and avoiding traumatic sexual activity, aside the anti-fungal ointment suggested by your doctor. If the symptoms do not improve with the changes, you may seek a review with your treating urologist.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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thank you but yes i have been sober from weed since new years, and i cut out masturbation completely. I read a article and it said masturbation can make the symptoms worsen, i never thought it will so i masturbated once since that new vein appeared, and it got followed by a another vein, it says cut out all masturbation so i did so. That new vein from masturbating is starting to dissapear on the left side, but not the right. So thats a improvement, guess time will tell:)
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