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open pyloplasty

Has anyone had surgery to repair their ureter?  I had surgery back in 2001.  Since then, no problems, no stones, actually this past year I have had a ache in my right back area, pretty much near the kidney area(where my incision is from the surgery).. I have a appointment with my Urologist this month, but I am wondering if its scar tissue?  Or is this just a very weak spot for me.. but it aches something awful sometimes.  

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Scar tissue can cause twinges and mild aches but persistent pain that tends to higher severity could be attributed to other renal causes.

A urinalysis would reveal whether there are any focal changes in the kidney that may be causing problems. This would also help assess for infections, calculi, inflammation, etc., and will decide whether additional investigations are warranted.

If you have had any alterations in bowel movement patterns and appetite, problems with the gallbladder or liver will also need to be ruled out.

This will be done during  a physical examination by your urologist.

In the interim, keep your fluid intake high, increase intake of natural sources of calcium (milk, yoghurt, cheese) and avoid irritants like caffeine and alcohol.

Keep us posted on your doubts and progress.
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I do not everyday pain with this.  It is a mild to moderate ache in the area of the surgery/kidney from time to time.  When they cut me, they cut across my entire side where you would put your hands on your waist.  So I am oneven on the one side compared to the other.  Because I am overweight the doctor said what should have took 2-3 hours took 5-6.. because of the fat and muscle he had to cut through.  I just have a dull ache there from time to time and sometimes a pinching feeling that runs down my leg..  It is too weird.  I just know that he saved my kidney and he said it wouldn't be as strong as my other one.  So I assumed it aches because when I get tired or do too much, it does ache there.
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