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pain between teaticles and recum

for over 5 weeks now i have had pain like underneath my testicles and betwwen the rectum , i also am getting lower back pain and all my pelvic area . also stomach cramps . i have had sti checks and they are negative , my urine sample was negative , they prescribed me with antibiotics for epididmitys im on my second course for 5 weeeks now and they are not doing anthing to help . i had to go to a&e because the back pain was that bad and i had a scan on the kidneys and again they were ok . yesterday i had a ultrasound on my testicles and they found a very small cist on my epididimus but reckon that this is nothing to worry about so now i think im going to have to have a camera put down my ureatha hopefully this will find whats wrong, has anyone had this pain in between testicles and rectum
my other symptons are unable to get an erection , dark urine urathea stinging
prior to this when i masturbated after semen came out like urine flew out after
i am also a male stripper and i have to tie bias binding round the bottom of the penis could this have done somethin internally, i feel like i have a blockage when i press the area between the testicles and bum hole it realy hurts there and in the ureatha
also thay have given me tramadol for the pain but it works for my back but actually makes the pelvic area hurt and the pain gets worst
i hope someone knows what it colud be
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The area between the scrotum and anus is called perineum and pain in this area can be due to many causes. It can be due to perineal trauma like during cycling, urethral trauma, urtehritis, prostate infections, gonorrhea, perianal abscess, anal fissure or fistula, bladder infections or any obstruction in the urethra. A detailed examination by a urologist along with a comprehensive profile of investigations is needed.
Hope it helps. Take care.
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Hi I have been pestered by prostatitis since I was about 22 or sooner. I allways have some pain in between the rectum and scrotum. 2 years ago while in hospital with a kidney infection and pneumonia I discovered that I have a fistula between the prostate and scrotum. This might have been caused by self catheterization due to a neurogenic bladder. This time the pain in between the rectum and scrotum is almost constant. I also have a stabing sensation in the penis now and than.

I don't know if this is of any help to you, but I figgered that I should share my experience in the hope that might be able to benefit from it.

All the best.

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