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Hi, let me start with my symptoms. 4 month ago i started getting sharp pain around my abdominal region, penis and scrotum.

Initially thought it was a std but been tested for them (swab and urine) and all negative, so the pains continued. Its gradually got worse and after a few weeks, i had alot of pressure around my bladder and the pressure and pain builds when my bladder is full and goes away with urination.
Sometimes i also get a throbbing/shooting pain in the kidney/lower back area and around the pelvis. I went to the doctors a month ago, thinking it would be a urinary tract infection, was pescribed ciprofloxacin for 10 days, no improvement.
Urine test results come back= no infection. So im due a scan soon (not sure what type of scan) and any help would be appriated. I think its worth mentioning these pains started while i was on holiday, and im pretty sure i drank the tap water (in spain) which i know your not supposed to do. Im 19 year old and healthy apart from the pains, any help or advice would be great.
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The scan is probably for kidney stones. Sounds like you might have them. Not something that will kill you but can be very painful.
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thanks for the reply
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anythin else it could be?
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