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painful nocturnal erections causing damage

Thank You for your help in advance with this troubling situation!


Male, age 43, healthy. last blood test normal.

Medications:  Well Butrin and Lexapro.  300mg and 20 mg., respectively.


I've had what I thought were normal nocturnal erections my whole life. In the past couple years I have noticed the nightime tumescence was only relieved by urination or up to five minutes standing - not prostrate, in the middle of the night, and very occasionally an ice pack.

They have also become somewhat painful and will wake me up.   I have the feeling the erections are lasting hours, not just during REM sleep.


About 10 years ago I had a fibrotic neuroma (raisin size mass, eventually growing to about a blueberry size) removed in my perineum region, because it was very painful - nerve pain, sharp and electric intermittant. a biopsy and ultrasound previous to surgery didn't reveal anything.  lab pathology post-op revealed the fibrous neuroma, which we thought before surgery, that it might be a thrombosis or inflamed tortuous blood vessel.  I believe either the surgery was rough or I did not have enough bed rest, but about 6 years later I felt another neuroma develop that was equally painful.  I tried sitz baths and pain relievers, but it grew larger over the course of a couple of years, and was removed by the same doctor again last year.  same pathology.

a year ago during intercourse i had a small trauma (an impact) occur to the area at the dorsal base of the penis.  a small mass occurred immediately and grew slightly over the past year.  

Here's the kicker.  In the last six months it has grown larger into a  horseshoe  shape - extending downward on both sides of the pubis area just below the surface at the base of the penis, distinct hard arms about an inch long on both sides,  that extend nearly into the testicles.  The entire mass is very painful at times, mostly to the touch. again, clearly sharp, nerve pain.  there seems to be no identifiable cause of the pain, it arrives for a few days and goes away for several days. I don't know if this is a another traumatic neuroma?  it has grown itself, or inflamed a part of existing anatomy in a very quick period - six months.

Now, did the sexual event/trauma created the mass initially?  and the extended Nocturnal Priapism seems to exacerbate the pain.  I wake up with what feels like a steel ring around the base of the penis.  i don't know if these masses have grown from the original trauma or have grown from ongoing Priapism.  

I went to a Urologist who had no idea what to do.  He sent me to a neurologist who had no idea.  They gave me an MRI which revealed a mass, and made no conclusions.

This seems like it would have to be A  VERY DELICATE SURGERY, not to hit anything crucial.

Would a steroid or cortisone shot help?  Would this kill some of the pain but adversely effect "feeling" during sexual activity?

I don't know what Peyronies Disease is, and i don't have Sickle Cell symptons.

Thank You again.
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