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para pelvic cysts

My diagnosis is a parapelvic cyst left kidney. My CT scan and ultra-sound validated the
parapelvic cyst. The parapelvic cyst is 3 cm in size. I have mild dull pain in my
"flanks". My urologist stated: We will watch it" Do I need further work-ups ?
Should I have a cystoscopy ? I am looking at what are the possibilites.
I am a 69 year old male. I am concerend as to where to I go from here ?
Note was also ade from the CT scan of a 'circumaortic" What is that ?

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The major concern with renal cysts is telling them from more serious diseases, such as polycystic kidney disease, complex cysts, and solid masses (such as a cancer or abscess - a localized walled off infection). Ultrasonography, CT scanning, and/or MRI can be used to help establish the correct diagnosis.  There are typical appearances for each of these on those tests, like the CT and ultrasounds that you had.  Cystoscopy is not used to follow these.

polycystic kidney disease happens on both sides

cancer looks like this on CT:
     -  Thickened, irregular walls
      -  Thickened or enhanced septae within the mass
      -  Enhancement of the lesion after intravenous contrast
      -  A multilocular mass
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