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penile fracture? vein rupture?

After 22 days of bending of my penis, I am still trying to get a diagnosis.

The thing is that appart from the inflamation and the knot that is supposedly peyronie (at the right of penis), in other place a bit upwards a t the left, I feel something else, as if a vein would be blocked or something.  I think there is something wrong with the blood flow in my penis, that is not peyronie.

The blood flow gets reduced at the middle of the shaft, and it is very hard for me to maintain erections. After erections, I feel something extrange in the middle upper part of my penis (dorsum), as if something would have made too much effort during the erection.

In the lateral of my penis there is some swelling of the lateral veins, the veins became thicker, like a cord. Maybe the flux upwards is blocked and it flows laterally (specially to the left)? When the urologist saw my photographs, he said that the base of the penis was fill in with blood flow, but the head of penis not.

The thing is that I remember some extrange feeling when masturbating, more or less half 20 minutes after the 'bad movement' bending my penis.  I do not think it was peyronies in the begining, developing so quickly. I think some internal bleeding led to peyronie.

Any ideas?

Rupture of the deep dorsal vein? I think a complete rupture would have led to a lot of bleeding, and I would have seen my penis violet for days.

Penile vein thrombosis (mondor disease)? (I think this has still solution even one month after).

These two conditions are even more rare than penile fracture, and difficult to diagnose.

Can I still do something after 22 days? I am desesperate and anxious trying to understand what's happening and if I can do something.  The 3 urologist I saw told me that they only could do something the first 24 hours, now I can only wait and see how things heal.

The saddest thing is that my life has been destroyed at 30 years old and medical science have a lot of things to do before they can try to solve the erectile dysfunction in people that have done bizarre manipulations with their penis, and that are only 1 in 100000. Now I have to continue my life as if nothing would have happened.  This is not something you would tell to anybody.

PS: I am already taking vitamine E, as prescribed by the private urologist.  Next week I will see another urologist.  

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More details, my previous post maybe was not clear:

22 days ago I took my half-erect penis between the legs and bent it down, just a bit to lower an erection.  Bad idea, I learnt some days later. At that day there was no strong pain, so a severe penile fracture did not happened.

I masturbated twice after that, that morning.  I noticed a lump in the left side (which I have learnt it is a possible signature of penile fracture).  Also, I noticed (and continue to notice if I have a hard erection), some feeling of something below my glans (maybe blocking blood). I have no problem when urinating.

Two days later, I notice a deviation of my penis to the right.  How much does peyronie take to develop?  10 minutes?
2 days?  I cannot belive it was peyronie from the beginning.  I think it would take more to develop.

The urologists that saw me said they could only diagnose peyronie, they saw no indication of penile fracture. They only could diagnose peyronie from touching my flacid penis.

Now I am suspecting of deep dorsal vein rupture, or maybe some thrombosis (Mondor disease).

Maybe the deep forsal vein is blocked/broken and blood is flowing to the sides?

Can I do somenting after 22 days. If it is thrombosis, I think still has solution.
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Still trying to diagnose. ?damage to penile suspensory ligament?


my 3rd continued post.  I am still researching the web to get a diagnosis.

I have read some posts in the forum about the possibility of damage of the suspensory ligament of penis by bending backward, that would fit with an 'rare penile fracture', i.e.: no pain, no hematoma...

Also, when wearing adjusted underwear I feel some mild pain in the base of penis.  

Have anybody read this?, maybe there is hope after all:


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hey man did you ever realise what happened to you and how did you progress, Im in a seemingly similar situation except with more pain after something fell directly on my erect penis. I havent been able to get diagnosis of fracture and its so frustrating as im showing all the symptoms your showing plus pain. Hope you are well and better. Id really appreciate if you share any information you can with me.

All the best ,
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hey i `m going with this problem since 15 years i show lot of doctors but nobody dignose it. after intercourse my middle right side part is swelling  like a small head it will normal after two days and this will changing place very slowly when intercourse that place mild itching and i`m errict before time... you know this happen start when i was do only masterbating i think some vein repture inside but this thing growing know i`m worried about it,, if you got somting about it plese let me know
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