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penis choked by foreskin

Hi.I am a 26 year old uncircumsized male and I have a problem with my penis. A month ago I was having protected intercourse with my girlfriend. My foreskin only partially retracts and the foreskin retracted fully during intercourse and choked the penis. My penis head was a dark red colour and was very tender as when I was thrusting the foreskin was literally choking my penis.When my erection subsided I was left with what seems like a ring of swelling near the tip of my penis under my foreskin. I have not had intercourse since and when I have an erection it is quite sore. I also get a stinging sensation after I urinate. I have been to my doctor and he agrees that my foreskin essentially choked the penis and that in 6 weeks all will be ok.It is now 4 and a half weeks with absolutely no sign of improvement.As I believe I have acquired phimosis will it go away on its own or should I be stretching it now? I am finding it difficult to research anybodys symptoms which are exactly like mine (pain coming on during sex) My doctor said to only start stretching after the pain had subsided to prevent reoccurrence. Also do you know of ay good techniques or stretches that can help me. A good program is difficult to find. Thank you in advance
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Phimosis is certainly possible after reading the symptoms.  Topical steroids are typically recommended as conservative treatment.  Stretching and dilation is also recommended, and should be discussed with your urologist.

If the symptoms continue, surgical methods can be considered.

These options should be discussed with your urologist.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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the stretching should be done once the inflammation is gone, and a steroidal cream should be used. It lets the skin expand. This is the 1st level conservative treatment for non-acute phimosis. Since you haven't mentioned you have a hard waxy wring wound the end of your foreskin, im going to assume this is sudo-phimosis and not the type that has to be delt with surgically. The stretching and cream is highly effective and most men see complete results after 6-12 weeks.
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Oh, here is a good web page abotu the treatment of the problem in detail:
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all of the comments refer to adults with the problem, but none with mention to youngsters with the same foreskin problems with normal erection (too young for intercourse).  Our physician said that the skin could be stretched manually by gently pulling back, until it was just a bit tight and counting to 30, each time he urinates, every day.  This might help, in addition to what you have suggested, don't you think?
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yes, but realize the immature penis foreskin adheres to the glans, it slowly separates as the boy matures, it should NEVER be forced back, that will rip the skin apart. Its the equivalent of mammals who are born with their eyes closed, you would never force them open...
here is a guide for caring for a pediatric forskin:


The substance created between the glans and the foreskin is now thought to be antibacterial, if you over wash it with harsh soap, its like a female douching too much. Only wash and move what will naturally move... NEVER FORCE IT!
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