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penis deformity

I woke up the other morning and my penis is now deformed. Right under the head (at the top of the shaft) it seems to be a blood vessel going around in a circle (like a swollen blood vessel). That has never been there before. Also on the top of the shaft close to the head there is now a spot that feels like a bone or something hard (like a knot). It is  noticable when erect and kinda uncomfortable.

I would like to know what in the world happened and should I go to a doctor or try and wait this out?? Please help
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If that cicumferential "swollen blood vessel" is firm, not particularly tender, and maybe even whitish in color, you are probably dealing with lymphangitis. This will resolve on its own. You can try a non-steroidal like ibuprofen (if you do not have any contraindicatons).
The cause is unknown. If it persists for more than a few weeks, or it is enlarging, see a urologist.
S.A.Liroff, M.D.

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I have the exact same symptoms.  What happened? Did it clear up or did you have to see a doctor?

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