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penis head odor

Hi, i am a 21 year old male, uncircumcised, and not sexually active.

About a year ago i was on the subway and was sitting down. When I arrived at my stop and tried to stand up i suddenly felt a sharp ripping pain in my left abdomen which forced me to sit down again. The pain quickly subsided. After waiting for one more stop to pass by i slowly stood up and had no pain at all. The rest of the day was fine. This was my first incident with that pain.

The next time it happened i was playing a sport where you constantly run around, like tennis. I twisted my body to the right abruptly and felt that same sharp ripping pain again and had to sit down for a bit till the pain subsided.

Some time after this, i noticed i would get a dull pressure like feeling in my lower left abdomen and testicles if i sat in an awkward position such as with my legs crossed. The pressure would increase unless i moved around a little. Sometimes though i would slide back in my seat and feel a sharp acute pain shoot through my testicles.

Also, i began feeling pain during ejaculation if i was in a sitting position. The pain would begin as soon as i started ejaculating and it was all over my lower abdomen and testicles, and the only way i got it to alleviate was to lay down. In fact, if i ejaculated while laying down, there would be no pain at all.

I tried to not masturbate for 2 weeks, and when i did afterwards the first ejaculation wasn't painful, but the second one was painful just as before. Over time though, the pain just went away, and since then i may have only got that acute ripping pain once and it wasn't as bad as before. Moving around in my chair doesn't produce any pain either. I can ejaculate while sitting with no pain, but sometimes i would feel a soreness in my penis and testicles, and feel bloating in my lower abdomen.
On rare occasions though i may feel a very slight acute pain in my left testicle but it's for a split second and it doesn't bother me.

The reason i'm posting is because about a week ago i noticed my urine became very foamy, and it still persists. Also my penis has a foul odor coming from it, and even when i wash well, it comes back in 2 to 3 hours.

I also experience itching around my scrotum area when only when i sit, and the severity of it varies from minor to very bothersome. I've had this itching for years though.

I'm willing to answer any questions, thanks.
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