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penis problem

hello ,
my age is 27 and my penis is going to small day by day ?what does it means ?
and now how can i large my penis , pls . help me .i m very frustrated..
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Once the penis has grown to its normal adult size, it does not shrink other than that the person has gained abdominal weight and weight at the base of the penis. Three kinds of exercises are there for increasing the penis size which have proved little benefit. They include jelqing, penis stretching and kegel exercises. Other methods include using penis stretchers or extenders or getting surgery done. You should discuss these options with your doctor as they are not without side effects.

Hope it helps. Take care and regards.

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I have a simmilar problem. In 2003 I became permanently disabled due to a hereditary neuropathy. As a result I have not been able to be as physically active as I used to be. Due to not getting enough exercise I have put on some body fat, nothing that would make obeise. What I have noticed is that I have collected fat in the pubic area. Where it used to be tight and thin, I now have some sagging skin and some fact in the same area. I'm 46 and are thinking that this is also due to aging. However you state that your only 27.
As a result of the fat pad the apearance of my flacid penis seems to have gotten smaller. Ambiant temperature also plays a big role, when it is cold the penis shirvels up and looks very small. I also have been suffering from ED for the last 12 to 13 years. To obtain an erection I use Caverject injected into the erectile tissue of the penis. When I do get an erection, I canno longer notice the apearent smaller penis. Even though the flacid size might have change the erect size did not.
One of the things a urologist did for me as well was to prescribe me with monthly testosterone injections. Due to having lost my left testicle and having had repeated infections in both testicles my testosterone levels after the loss of my left were quite low. The testosterone is supposed to help with sex drive but also to maintain body mass.
I asked the urologist about possible shrinkage and he sort of dismissed it, and told me that the testosterone should help to maintain things.

I hope that this information is helpful for you.

God bless.

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Anything out there for a shrunken willy due to intravenous cocaine use 30 years ago?
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