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persistant epididymitis swelling

Hello, my name is Jesse. 4 months ago i noticed my right testicle swelling, I freaked out and made a doctor app, the appointment was 10 days away so I looked it up and took some amox because lets face it the pain and discomfort was too much to handle ( it was so hard to get any sleep the first two weeks) after a few days I couldn't just wait a whole week, ( the first day i noticed the swelling i had no pain at all) and i can't afford a trip to the ER. when i saw the doctor i told him i had a very brief unprotected sexual encounter and i also pulled my groin one morning on a very full balder the month prior. he took a urine sample and prescribed me and injected antibiotic and an oral one that i had to take all four pills at once, i don't remember the names of those. the pain and discomfort went away, but then came back at the same levels and would come and go. my urine sti test was "messed up" or not even done right the first time so i took another one after 10 days had passed on the antibiotics, that one came back clear (it was a first urine morning sample that time) So i told my doctor I still had pains and the swelling was still unresolved and tender at times, he ordered an ultrasound and that came back clear so he told me that it can take 3 months for the swelling to heal. Now going on 5 months, still swollen and tender at times, the pain is less but comes and goes much more often, but mostly dull and constant, i went to see the other doctor in my doctor's office and he didn't say much or ask much just gave me a different injection and a prx of doxy. I'm 23 and ever since this started I've been so emotionally stressed about it all, I was taking 4 beare aspirin with every meal for weeks and weeks, cut every thing but juice and water from my diet, wear briefs, bought an ice pack, take warm baths when i have the time, rarely masturbate. I found the best way to measure the relative size of my testis was to use a silver dollar, while the normal one is well with in the diameter of the coin ( about the size of a quarter) the right one is about 1/4 of an inch out of it. Here are my questions Doc, #1 is my condition now chronic due to the failure of the first treatment, #2 if it was caused by a sti bacteria could I still have given it to someone else after the first course of antibiotics failed, and #3 are there any conditions the ultrasound would have missed??? Any help you can give me is much appreciated, I'm so scared this will rule the rest of my life or cost me tons of money I don't have in second guesses and tests, then finally surgery. Also two more questions, how long should I wait if I don't see any improvement in the swelling this time to go see a urologist? And I smoke about a pack every two days can this be effecting my recovery this badly? I'm so tired of my doctors not providing me with much information, 90% of what i know about this condition is from the internet.
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