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I have had phimosis for as long as I can remember and I
have just recently looked into getting it treated.  I went to
the doctor, and he recommended circumcision, but from my personal
research it seems that preputioplasty is the best option for me.
When I asked the doctor about it, he didn't seem to know what I
was talking about.  I was wondering if you knew of any doctors
near Durham-Raleigh-Chapel Hill in North Carolina who could
perform preputioplasty.
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     Thanks for writing in. Preputioplasty or limited slit with transverse closure is a surgical procedure for prepuce or foreskin of penis which is not able to retract due to stenosis or phimosis. Preputioplasty can be used as an alternative treatment for phimosis, if circumcision cannot be considered.
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Your a smart man not to be circumcised.   Keep looking, for some reason doctors love the 10,000 dollar bill for an adult circumcision.   And ask for references or pictures of the results a doctor does.   Be very careful about what they tell you.
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There is also the possibility of steroid creams or gently expanding the foreskin gradually so you have looser opening. This would be the least invasive way to deal with it.


If that doesn't work, you are smart to consider preputioplasty over circumcision as it is less invasive. Dr_Veena, you should be advocating for the least invasive measures first, not only if the most radical procedure in the arsenal "cannot be considered."
This demonstrates the ignorance of American doctors on the issues of the prepuce - I hope you find a competent one in your area! Make sure to insist on NOT getting a circumcision. If the doctor tries to tell you it's the only way, find a different doctor, your penis will thank you for it for the rest of your life!
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