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please help

Hi, thank you for taking my question. I freaked out two months ago when a young lady told me she had a diease. I wasn't thinking and before I knew it. I poured rubbing alchole all over my penis and some went inside the uretha. The next day I had a pimple looking dot on my penis a bad cankor sore in my mouth for about 2weeks. The third week I ejaculated. In five days, I was in extream pain, so I went to the clinic. The clinic said I had white blood cells in my uthera, but it was not a diease,so they treated me with two pills. I was still in extream pain, so I went to the er. They said I had varcoscel and gave me 800mg motrin. Right after I got all types of canker sores in my mouth. At this time, any type of food that had perservatives in it would make my tongue peal very bad after digestion. Five days after, I noticed liguid fluids coming out of my rectum. This whole time I was in extream pain. I thought I was going to die. I had sever chills after urinating, pain in pelvis, pain in penis, nerves in both risks, vein in left thigh, and erectile dysfuction, and tongue pealing. Well I went to urgent care and they said I had prostitas. They gave me cipro 500 mg for 2 weeks. This did seem to help. I was even able to get my erection back wich I had lost for about 4 weeks. i put myself on an extream vegie diet. A week after the medication. I started to take my self off the vegie diet. I ate really greasy foods for two days and my penis was inflamed and drew up, could not get an erection, and little spots are developing on the places i put the rubbing alchole. Please help!!! I go see the urologist next week, But any information you give. I thank you for it.  
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