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possible stones...?

  Family history of kidney stones, my father has had at least 5 flair ups, 1 surgery and numerous lithos done.  Recently my sister, after about two years of going to her doc with pain, was diagnosed and had the litho done (her right kidney was said to have been shut done for several months to a year).  
  While I was pregnant last year I had pain in my right lower back, it lasted for about 20min the first time and about 45min the second.  I called my ob/gyn and she said come in if it does it again.  After, those two times it has not happened at all, no tests were run.  
  After finding out about my sisters stones and finding that the pain was in the same location as hers, I asked my gen prac if he could check me out.  X-ray was inconclusive, there was alot of feces in the way.  So much so that he asked me if I felt okay, I did.  He said he would order a Ultra sound, has not done it yet.  I went back, he wasn't there, so I was given to another doc and she said neither test would be a true test, that I should have an IVP done.  She hasn't ordered it yet because she wasn't sure of the protocol or ordering a test since I don't have any pain right now.  I feel as though I am being given the run around and need information.
  Also, are stones hereditary? and can the IVP show what you need to know, even without the pain?  Should I request to see a urologists?
  Thanks in advance
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Dear ,
Yes, stones can be hereditary but often, diet and fluid intake have just as much to do with stone formation as a hereditary basis. There are some specific changes that occur during pregnancy that affect the urinary tract that might increase your chances of having a stone.  The Ureters which can be dilated in pregnancy and may not eliminate urine as efficiently, this is called hydronephrosis.  Hydronephrosis is often associated with flank and back pain, as you stated.  The ureters increase in size approx. 1 cm due to increased renal vascular and interstitial volume during pregnancy.  The collecting system and ureters during this time also decrease there ability to peristals(contract), resulting in dilation.  The big concern of dilation is stasis or stagnant urine.  If the urine is not fully eliminated, stone or infection can occur.  These changes usually occur in the second trimester and subside after delivery..  Often position changes will help the uterus fall away from the ureters and decrease pain and pressure.  This may help the urine empty a bit better.  Since your pain has gone away, this may have been what happened.
If you really want to know if there is a stone in your kidney, since you do not have any pain, I would recommend an ultrasound like your first doctor.  This would tell you if your kidney was dilated and would be able to locate a stone.  An IVP would give you the same information, but it is a lot more invasive and subjects you to more radiation(X-rays).  IVP
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