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prostatitis at 19?

so this is very personal.
I decided to ask it here because it is getting a bit serious.
it all started 4 years ago(now I am 19,so I was 15 at the time) ,I had the first burning sensation on my penis, I started going to the toilet 2- 3 times every couple of hours, my parents noticed me and took me to a doctor,he said that it was nothing serious, he just took a **** test and it was all fine, so he said that the burning sensation will pass.
an year later the same thing happened, this time I started noticing blood drops in py pee and it started hurting a lot more, basically I had to drink water, a lot of water (6-7 liters per day) to stop the blood drops, anyways, I decided to go to a doctor (an expert)  he told me that it is rare to experience prostatitis at this age, he still gave me pills for prostatitis, (i don't think that I have prostatitis since i am 19(16-17 at the time) and not 70+) anyways, a couple of days pass, and the burning sensation vanishes (not because of the pills).
fast forward, 2 years later (2 months ago) same story, this time it was different tough, the pain/burning sensation lasted for 5 days(when I was 15/16/17 it lasted for 2 days max) , at the 7th(at the 2nd day I started taking the pills that the "expert" gave me, but literally, NOTHING changed) I decided to go to a hospital, again, the doctor said that it was nothing serious (like wtf) and he proceeded saying that the pills that the doctor told me to take a couple if years ago were simply useless, since I am not old, so he gave me other medicines, I don't know know if they work yet, since the pain stopped right before I went to the hospital(once it stops, it doesn't come back till next year)
now, a couple of days ago the same thing happened and it lasted for about 2 days (I guess the medicines that the doc game me don't work either) so, is there someone out there that can help me in some way?
important things to notice
these are the symptoms :
-I constantly need to go to the toilet, like every 20 minutes, to pee
-if I don't drink a lot of water I will see blood drops in my pee
some things to notice
-I am a virgin, and I am straight
-I usually masturbate 3 times/week
-my masturbation technique is completely different from the one that most people do, Most people use sit down and use their hand ( I have tried this several times but it never worked for me), so my masturbation technique is different, I lay down on the bed (facing the bed), concentrate a lot of energy on my penis (with the help of my legs) and that's it, I never touch the penis
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You don't say what medication they gave you.  To me, it sounds like a UTI. That's a urinary tract infection.  Antibiotics are such that some work better for certain things than other antibiotics usually based on the bacteria involved.  Did you do a urine sample? Do you have access to a primary care doctor rather than just going to the ER?  That would be a better fit for this issue.  Here's an article that you can copy and paste to read about uti's and to see if anything rings a bell of similarity to you.  Let me know.  https://www.webmd.com/men/urinary-tract-infection-in-men
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Have you had a low abdominal ultrasound to check for kidney stones? Is your diet high in oxalates or you smoke a lot of marijuana? Are you rubbing your penis too hard against the bed? I dont think that would be a problem but if there are oxalate crystals on the head then it would traumatise from the friction.
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