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question sexual dysfunction in relation to frequent masturabtion

I am a man in my mid 30's.  I have masturbated somewhat frequently in my early years, simply because I could not control my hormones in that time, and continued to masturbate a slightly less frequently as a adult.  I hope to ask some questions here that I would be too embarassed to ask my normal physician.  

I do not view my masturbation as a bad thing at all.  I do suffer from erectile dysfunction.  i also have a bit of premature ejaculation.  I take 20mg cialis for the erectile dysfunction, however it isn't all too efficient but it seems much better than none at all.  I attribute my erectile dysfunction to the slightly more regular masturbation.  I also do not produce much ejaculate, this however, i'm not sure is a bad thing.  My question is in regards to having the most fulfilled sexual life since i do not have a partner.  at times after maybe 2-3 days of no masturbation, there seems to be a definite need to do so.  it seems very important to my well being to ejaculate after waiting such a period, it simply becomes a need that must be taken care of.  I am curious if at the point of 2-3 days when i feel it is very much necessary for myself to do so, if i would have a overall much more fulfilling experience if i would to just take whatever pain comes my way and not do it.  the times i have abstained from doing it at this point, tend to produce a stronger desire for a need of ejaculation, it seems to become more necessary as i abstain, and the next masturbation episode will result in premature ejaculation and a not very fulfilling experience, but a sense of relief that it was done.

I have asperges so having a normal sex life is difficult for me.  

I'm also somewhat concerned about the premature ejaculation.  

I wish I could ask my doctor these things, but i respect him too much, and I would not want this personal details effecting how he sees me.  he is a very nice man and a good doctor.  

thank you

I guess there is alot of unanswered questions here.  I'd be happy to hear answers to any of them.  especially in regards as to, best normal and fulfiling function

I do not eat very unhealthy foods.  i tend to eat good foods, i wish i could see the benefits of exercise, so as to influence me to stick with it.  i sometimes have a cigarette but i have cut the smoking down considerable recently.  
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I may not be addressing your concern exactally as you're hoping for, but...
When I was stationed overseas, I was masturbating 2 or 3 times a day at some points. I found that it wasn't the frequency or lack of frequency of masturbation that made it better, but the way I did it. Think of it as making love to yourself, rather than just masturbating. Just like with a partner, it's not all about finishing, but about enjoying the process. Spending an hour or more without focusing on your penis alone, made the climax better and bigger. Getting and loosing an erection during the process actually seemed to help also.
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Chronic erectile dysfunction is a rare problem for men under 40 - or at least it wasn't until Internet porn arrived. So the question - have you been masturbating to Internet porn?
If the answer is yes, then I suspect porn.

Over the last 5 years we have seen hundreds of men on our porn recovery forums with ED. Many in their teens and twenties. They stop porn - and limit masturbation - and they slowly recover their libido and erectile health. Most health professionals are unaware of thisd rapidly developing problem.

Internet porn can become an addiction, and with all addictions the brain changes, or adapts. It does not matter if the addiction is to a substance or whether it is a behavioral addiction, the same brain changes result.

Today's internet porn is nothing at all like our ancestors ever encountered, with the constant novelty and genres of extreme porn. Unlike yesterday's Playboy, Internet porn overstimulates the brain structures responsible for libido, erections, and addiction.

Brain changes include a drop in dopamine receptors in the reward circuitry. Reducing the amount of dopamine receptors decreases your pleasure response to "normal" stimuli. In other words, real-life sexual partners and previous porn won't excite your brain enough to get your penis going. Turning on dopamine receptors is how you get turned on.

Here are two excellent presentations, by a science teacher, on the effects of pornography on the brain. They are non-religious, non-judgmental, and science based.

Erectile Dysfunction and Porn:

Your Brain on Porn - Porn Addiction:

Here are two articles on porn-induced ED

“How I Recovered from Porn-related Erectile Dysfunction”

As Porn Goes Up, Performance Goes Down?

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