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raised, pulsing veins on right side of penis?

The left side of my penis is "normal" with subsurface veins, but the right side has these huge veins that stick out. The protrusion starts at on the base of my penis, on the right side, and it follows that vein at the base as it goes down and to the right. It looks kind of like a hexagonal spiderweb of huge veins. I can post a picture of it if that will help.

When I get an erection, the main vein on the right side kind of twists back on itself. Should it be straight like the one on the left side? It starts out going straight out, then it jogs left and back, then goes out again.

Also, that main vein has recently started "pulsing". I can feel a little fluttering inside the vein, at the bottom. So far it's only been connected to erections, whether having or losing one. It's not a good feeling and I don't like it at all.

Big veins have been a problem for months now... I heard this was supposed to self-correct but it hasn't.
Any ideas? This is on the side I masturbate with :/
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