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recovery period after Varicocelectomy

hello everyone,
I am 26 male(unmarried). I had bilateral varicocele(grade I on left and grade II on right) and had surgery just one week back.
Though i had varicocele I was very sexual active person . I had a accident some nine months back,i had shown to a surgeon, he found everything normal but noticed that i had varicocele of just grade I, he said no problem for now ,if there is grade II or III then surgery is required.
Aftr nine months one night while I was about to sleep i felt a great heat in my srotum and felt the radiation to the right abdomen and little above it.  and further next day found that my sexual drive has gone to very low. However i remember just 1 day before the pain I felt  very much sexually active. The next day I went to Urologist surgeon and had ultra sound done it was found bilateral varicocele(grade I on left and grade II on right). He adviced me surgery and within a week it was done
After 4 days of my surgery i found in middle of my sleep that i was having strong erection. I felt happy but still found my SEXUAL DESIRE is not as before
I have further found that still a vein seen in scrotum. I am afraid if the surgeon did my surgery  well or is it reoccuring.When i walk a lot,, my scrotum hangs and when right testicle touches the thigh it has same heat feeling before the surgery.I complained it to my doctor he relaxed me that everything will be normal within some days and the veins are also normal for better blood flow.
My actual doubt is
1) will my sexual drive be normal as before the pain started   and can I have some herbal medicine for it like HIMALAYA SPEMAN
(http://www.himalayahealthcare.com/products/speman.htm) prescibed by my family doctor before consulting surgeon
2)the vein seen in my scrotum is it a sign of reoccuring?
Thanks in advance for any expert or docor to clear my doubts
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