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regarding response to previous post

I have several questions regarding your response to my post. ("prostadynia?" April 17th)  I'll be brief. Firstly, the prostate was stimulated via the rectum. Having clarified that, were you saying that my symptoms related to urethra, scrotum, and such couldn't be caused that way, and that it would only produce rectal/ anal symptoms? Also, when you noted my sexual activity as your major concern, were you implying that gonorrhea (or another bacteria) might yet be the underlying cause of the problem? Could gonorrhea or some such thing have survived all those antibiotics? (note: no antibiotics provided any relief at all excepting a two day period right after starting cipro which I imagine was just due to temporary anti-inflammatory effect.) Should I be swab tested again?
the urgency/frequency of voiding bladder hasn't been much of a factor in my over-all symptoms since about two weeks into the onset. what remains most problematic/consistent at this point is: dull ache in deep urethra and buttocks pain.
thanks again
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Your rectal stimulation could certainly have accounted for urethral, rectal and bladder symptoms acutely. I do not see the scrotal discomfort as due to this stimulation.
My comment on your sexual activity relates to your exposing yourself (i.e., risking) HIV/AIDS as well as other STD's. I do not have any reason on the basis of your symptoms and subsequent treatment to suspect gonorrhea as a cause. I do not see the utility of repeat cultures except to put your mind at ease.
Your present symptoms are not likely to be due to any physical issue at this point. I think that your anxiety may well be playing a roll in perpetuating your discomfort. You took some risks, feel embarrassed about the whole thing and have, I hope, learned from the experience. You have taken great pains to learn if you caused any problem, acute or chronic, and found that you are OK. You need to move on from here, just take care of yourself.
S.A.Liroff, M.D.

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