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relief for irritable bladder

I have a terribly irritable bladder.  Am on a very mild diet--no fruit, very few spices, only very mild cheese, no nuts, no drinks but water--and it helps some but it's not enough.  Mostly my bladder acts up at night--I experience unbearable discomfort--itchiness, constant urgency, inability to void, dampness, heaviness in my bladder, overall torturous irritation--I swear I would prefer pain.  I have tried the following medications: hydroxyzine, pyridium, valium, detrol, urelle, elmiron, terasozin, neurontin, lyrica and several others whose names I can't recall--anyway hydroxyzine and pyridium worked for a while, and now no drugs help. Bladder instillations are the only thing that work for me--and that's only short-term.

I have found some relief--but by no means enough from the following treatments:  baking soda, tums, prelief, soaking in Epsom salts.  I have the cocktail for doing the instillations myself but before I start that I figured I'd reach out to my fellow bladder sufferers and see if there are some things I haven't tried yet that might work.

Also—re soaking in Epsom salts—is there some kind of medical thing I can sit in—the water keeps on running out of my bath tub.

Thank you.

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Have you tried Elmiron?  I'm on 300 mg per day and since I started taking it one
month ago, I've had great relief from my symptoms.  I also eat alot of fruits and veggies
that are highly alkaline and avoid very acidic foods, like red meat and pork, and chocolate
and alcohol and tomatoe sauce and a host of other highly acidic foods.  You can google
for a list of foods and what range they fall into.  Good luck.
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