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repeat psa

You advised to have my psa repeated with my urologist in 2 months. My urologist asked me to come back in last Thursday to repeat the psa. This was 2 weeks from the last psa. The results came back 2.20 and he said come back next year for my annual visit. What do you suggest?
What effect does bph have on psa?
Thank you.

Every year I schedule my appointment with my GP and Urologist on concurrent days. They are in different cities, 30 miles apart.
On 2/17 I had my annual appointment with my GP strictly for metabolic and lipid profiles. I have a psa done for comparison. My GP does not do a DRE. There was no sexual activity for several days prior to appointments.
A couple of days later I found out my psa was 4.24.
The next day, 2/18, I had my annual appointment with my urologist. He performed a DRE and told me my prostate was enlarged. My psa was 2.88.

Below are my psa's for comparison.

Urologist:1.87   GP: 2.42
Urologist:1.57   GP: 2.07
Urologist: 1.81  GP: 2.28
Urologist: 2.88  GP: 4.24

My questions are what is to be made of the difference one day apart? Can BPH increase psa 1 or 2 pts?
I have taken saw palmetto for years. What is your advice?
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You now have two normal (if you are in your 50's or beyond) PSA's and the rate of change does not seem excessive at this point. Your urologist's advice is well founded.
As to the effect of BPH on PSA's, there is a definite relationship, but how this relates to day to day changes is unclear.
S.A.Liroff, M.D.
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