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retactile testicles

  my son of 2years & 9 months has testicles which are descended at times when he is sleeping or relaxed and playing.But at times both testicles retract completely and cannot be seen.One year ago the testes were more up than down but now they are more down than up.pl advice on this condition.will his testes be fulle descended permanantly with time.
Dear Senaka,
It appears that your son is having retractile testis which may be quite normal for his age.  However we should be sure, that we are dealing with retractile and not undescended testis, which have very different management implications.  Most testes usually don't descent after 1 year. Therefore if there is a slightest doubt as to what are we dealing with, you should arrange for an appointment with a pediatric urologist.  He will examine and make sure that the testes are descended normally.  
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The Henry Ford Hospital Department of Urology has experience in the evaluation and treatment of problems such as you describes. They would be most interested in helping you. You can reach them through our toll-free number (1-800-653-6568). We can also arrange local accommodations through this number if this is your need.
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