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severed or stretched suspensory ligament of penis

It's difficult for me to post this because it is embarassing to talk about.  My penis feels loose at the base, there is pain around the base and I have got what feels like only 30% of the feeling left in the whole of my penis.  It's 70% numb all over.

The only explanation I can think of is that the suspensory ligament is streched or even severed.  That would explain the loosenes at the base.  But I don't understand what is causing the loss of feeling.  I don't know whether I am still potent - I daren't try to find out because there is a lot of pain and I don't want to make it worse.

I went to my temporary GP doctor today and he said he didn't know what was wrong and I should wait a few weeks and see if it settles down.  But I didn't explain properly about the looseness.

Has anyone else who has had this problem got any healing of the ligament over the weeks without any treatment?  Will the feeling come back?  I am also worried about what angle my erection will be at in the future (have no idea what it is now as don't want to try it).

I'm worried because I was hoping if it didn't heal itself that there might be surgery to re-attach it.  But reading on the internet it seems surgery is about putting in false surtures to hold it in place.  Also I am worried that because my GP didn't take it seriously, no urologist will either.  I have an appointment to see my regular GP on Thursday and will insist on a referral to a urologist.

Do I need to see a urologist as an emergency case?

I'm very worried and I would be very grateful for any sincere help.
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Hey, I realize that it has been more than one year since you posted this but I am interested in knowing what happened with your case.

A girl was masturbating me a month ago and she made a very sudden and strong movement with my penis in her hand towards my pubes. I heard and felt a popping sound   but I didn't display any of the symptoms of a penile fracture.

Four days after the lesion, I went with an urologist and he didn't give it much importance, I am going again tomorrow because of my symptoms:

1) Light/Mild pain in the penis, especially at the base in the right side (where the popping sound came from)

2) Engorged veins in my right side and lightly inflamed penis.

3) Sometimes my penis points the left side ( It has always been bent to the right) as if nothing restrained it from the base.

Due to my research I conclude that my injury has to do with the suspensory ligament... It does not seem too bad as it can easily be healed itself or in the worst case scenario surgery will fix the issue with no later consequence... keep me posted on your case ***@****
Thank you so much for writing this i have exactly same issue im still scared what to do  , please let me know what happened after , and how you fix it ? Thank you again
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I know it has been a while since this post, but I am experiencing the same symptoms after my girlfriend made a sudden movement pulling upward..

Can i expect any improvement at all -- will the ligament heal on its own??  it has been 2 weeks and I am still not seeing much improvement..

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i have been having the same problem for the past year.
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I had a girlfriend in which i serviced in one day after each because of my high sex drive and thinking i am capable.
After a vigorous  session with the second time round  i felt a sharp pain down the left side of my penis down and a very sensitive one.
To make a long story short i could could masturbate everyday and have a session.
At the base of the penis had severe pain (swollen) down to my anus.
Symptoms emulated from STD's to prostate probs.
Visited many doctors (GP) and no infection found in urine although many suspected injury.
Eventually landed up at a urologist scoped me and found no diseases.
Tight clothes would affect me as well as sitting down but finding relieve when standing up.
Upon second visit scans were done and found prostate size in order, tests also determined no infection or inflammation.
So in short let's look at problem which i think was mine as well healing.
I see comments posted everyone was talking about 2 - 3 weeks and still not happy ?
You have ligaments which connect your penis to your public bone so lets take the case in which you sprain your finger ligaments and how long does it take to heal ?
I would say least twelve months and remember because there is injury consider inflammation eventually resulting in infection resembling bacterial infection feeling you always want to add ice to painful area.
What normally happens you try again by moving three steps forward and go back two again when having sex or the likes.
So initially i was given Ciprobay antibiotic 1000mg cataflam (3 times a day), celebrex ( also a anti-inflammatory) once a day.
NB! wear loose clothes and keep your penis lying backward.
Let me know
Good Luck

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do  exercise to extend up  your feet of the effected side left or right side where you feel pain,  several time regularly , , it will help to bring the flexibility of the legaments ,but will take time to healup
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I am interested with what happened in your case? how much did it cost and who did you see. I have a very serious issue and its alot like yours and i can't get a doctor to diagnose it correctly
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Same is my problem...even my balls are hanging and even stiffness in lower abdominal plus UTS erect wen i m on my back...
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I have had the same problem for the last 9 months (the symptoms are 100% as described by FernandoGarcia). I have probably read every article and forum thread on the internet that has ever been written on the subject and could not find a single story of recovery. Of course the doctors aren't of any help either.

How have you all been? It is really frustrating to find people with experience on the subject but not to know how it worked out for them...
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