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skin bridge of a four year old boy

My son developed multiple skin bridges (practically all skin is reattached) after circumcision.  Unfortunately we did not address this issue properly earlier. He is now 4 years old and doctor suggested that he need to be re-circumcised since despite skin bridges there are way to much skin left. Doctor also said that we have an option not to do anything, but it looks really weird. I am afraid my son will be suffering in the future, but at the mean time I am terrified by the surgery involving general anesthesia and really painful recovery for about a week (according to the doctor). Please give me medical advise on what should I do.
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Hello. My son is 4 years old and also has a large skin bridge. I will be scheduling his surgery soon. I wanted to hear how your son is doing? Did you do surgery? I'm most concerned with anesthesia naturally as a mom. Do you have any pointers or helpful tips for the parents who will be taking care of a toddler post op? Thank you
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Update: my son had his surgery and everything went great. He had 2 sutures one on the head and one on the shaft. We kept him on his Tylenol and Advil every 3 hours alternating for 6 days. Applied Vaseline liberally after each trip the the potty and after baths. He was super painful on day 5 when the sutures were loose due to them starting to dissolve. They kept snagging on this underwear but they came out the rest of the way over night. He is 90% healed at 15 days after surgery just some pink slightly swollen tissue at the site. So glad we went ahead with surgery even though we were worried about anesthesia and possible infection.
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