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skin treatments / urine

  I got into a debate re: urine being used for topical applications when no other sterile treatment is available.  I was told that this was absolutely untrue.  Example: if out camping and one gets a cut or abrasion isn't it best to put urine on it, rather than nothing?
  Are there certain skin conditions that could possibly be helped with urine?
Dear MJ
Thanks for your question.  You are not going to like what I have to say.  
Urine is ammonium, urea  and other waste products of the body.    Ammonium, in contact with the skin, causes an inflammatory reaction called ammoniacal dermatitis.  It is even more destructive to underlying tissues.   It also poisonous to the immune system which prevents healing and  decreases the bodies ability to fight infection.    
I combined the following search words and got no matches.  URINE /UREA versus  BIOLOGICAL THERAPY/ or *MILIEU THERAPY/ or  *TISSUE THERAPY/  
Hope you did not bet money!  
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