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small bladder capacity

hello. had burning symptoms upon urination and had a cysto with hydrodistention procedure done. it was found that i have a small bladder capacity and mild inflammation. doctor is not sure if the mild inflammation is IC or not. my burning symptoms has gone away after the procedure. my question is is there a way to increase how much the bladder can hold. increase its capacity. thank you for your time.
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Your bladder capacity may have already increased since your bladder distention. Also, if you are having uninhibited detrusor contractions, then a drug such as oxybutinin may allow your bladder to expand. Otherwise, surgery to enlarge your bladder would be the next step, and one which should not be done unless absolutely necessary. It is not a small procedure with significant long term risks.
S.A.Liroff, M.D.

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I seem to have to urinate alot more than others and this has been a problem for me for years. I am now 25. I can generally hold myself until I get to a toilet but can have to go many times in the one evening. Also I find myself having to carefully plan how much I am going to drink. This is also affecting my relationship with my boyfriend as there are times I'm worried i am going to wet myself when he touches me intimately, Is there something I can do to control or fix this???
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