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spasmotic urine retention

Hi can any one out there help please, as all the doctors and specialist that i have seen cannot give me an answer. The problem is, over the last 3 years out of the blue I get cronic urine retention. ending up in A+E with a catheter fitting. The problem always starts at 2-3am, before that weeing no problem, but comes the bewitching hour of 2-3am and it starts. Cannot wee. Nothing comes out. By 5-6am I am on the way to A+E in agony.The doctor fits a catheter, releases the pressure, the bag fills with about 700ml of urine,and I am back with the living again.  I now have them to take the catheter out after an hour, Go to the waiting room, drink lots of water to get this weeing starting again which it does and off back home. The rest of the day the  pain of weeing gets less and less, and by the following day its back to normal. Normal for me is , if I want to go for a wee I do, NO PAIN   NO DRIBBLES, NO BLOOD. GOOD STREAM  NO PROBLEMS. That is untill the next time.
I am 62 years old, I have an enlarged prostrate 7cm, and have been told to take TAMSULOSIN and AVODART. One to reduce the size of the prostate and the other to loosen the bladder muscles. I have had just about every test there is on offer at the hospital. My blood checks are all ok, PSA level over the last 3 years,are steady  Ultra sound on the bladder OK,  Blood test on the kidneys ok,  Colestral ok.  Everythink 100% eccept fot this retention.
I first started having the problem when I returned from climbing Kilamanjaro, Then again when I came back from Everest Base Camp and one or two other trips abroad. But recently the retention has come out of the blue, nothing I can think of to link it to anything. I even completed the London Marathon without problems.Thought it might be stress or anxiety related  I  want to carry on with my long distant walking 100-800 miles walk abouts. Mostley in out of the way areas, No houses, no people, no back up.  But  beginning to get apprehensive about being out there own my own miles from anywhere.  I WANT MY LIFE BACK CAN ANY ONE PLEASE GIVE ME A CLUE OF WHAT IS WRONG AND HOW TO PUT IT RIGHT PLEASE
regards Haydnwud
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have you been checked out for kidney stones? i know i have had kidney stones for years... i have msk meddular sponge kidney and i get stones 2x/year and i get very serious urinary tract infections and they are very painful
if your throwing up, coldsweats, and just feel like you have the flu i seriously urge you to get your kidneys checked out for stones etc
best regards...
sheri y. montana
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