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stomach pain during urination

Hi Doctor
I would love to know what my problem is!

Im 28 years old
I feel a terrible stomach pain (right side, navel right side) this kind of pain has also moved to the left side 1 time during urination, i cant walk for 1 hour when this happens and after that hour i still feel pain but i can start walking slowly.

this started years ago after masturbation, i used to play with my testicles when i was young and i think i have damage the right testicle more than the left one. when im about to urinate i feel the urine moving to the right side of my stomach, and i feel an intense pain. i think the urine is touching some parts it shouldn't touch, the pain is something similar to when someone kicks you (in the balls) and the stomach hurts but more intense.

i feel this kind of pain maybe 2 times a year.
the urethra is not the problem, something else is.
thank you very much

i know i need to go to the doctor but i havent because i dont have medical insurance right now.
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