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stone questions

I have a 3mm stone in the lower left kidney.  I had 2 CT scans.  I drink A LOT of water.  I can not get the stone to move.  How long can a stone stay in the kidney?  Can it get larger if it doesn't move?  Is there anything else I can do to help move this stone?  Has anyone else had this problem?  I would appreciate any advice.  
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I just went thru a kidney stone....moved from right kidney and got stuck in the lower part of the right ureter next to the bladder.. after drinking 3 litres of water a day if finallly passed.... What a painfull experience
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Ive had stones for almost 20 years, EVERY YEAR in March like havin a baby. I now live with the stones and do NOT have them removed because of too much scar tissue in the kidneys. You CAN live with stones your whole life. Yes they do get bigger with time ( mine do). Veg oil helped mine pass when they were passable. Now I just live with pain meds on a pain management program. But I would NOT recomend that.
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it may be worthwhile you asking your doctor for esw lithotripsy treatment, that may work and doesnt involve an operation? its fairly painless.
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Heres something for you and they try to sell it on the internet(the info)  for $99 google it and you'll see its 3 oz extra virgin olive oil 3 oz real lemon juice not concentraite, squeeze them or get the stuff that says made from real lemons not conc. it tasts horrible and the olive oil will make you go to the bathroom the next day but the stones after a few days do it like 2 times a day for until you feel better it works i did it i read alot of peoples stories who did it to they said some would have had to have surgery but they did it and havent been to a urologist since!
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