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In apr of last yr i was dx bya CT in the ER w/ kindey infection, hydronephrosis and 2 small stones at ureterpelvic juction. Tx w/antibiotics for a couple weeks. f/u w/pmd  and he rec f/u CT in 3-6 mos otherwise no other tx needed.
Over summer i had on again off again side pain and I saw new pmd(moved state,militaryfam) a couples times for same side pain, hip under rib area and aches more with exercise and some pain with urniation.They tx'd as UTI with antiobioitics both times, July and Sept.
In Oct it got more bothersome, sharper pains so I went to ER, the f/u CT confirmed 5mm stone in upper rt ureter. Ref to urologist. The first one i saw f/u'd with KUBS for placement and said it was passable.In Dec i was back at ER for excruciating pain,right lower contraction like pain...of course same CT results, stone in same place...f/u with another urologist at same office in 2 weeks. In the meantime I have had all my records forwarded to the urologist. When I finally went in Jan 11, he said i needed surgery because it looks likes it's been in almost the same spot since last april and was 6mm+.
On Jan 23rd I had uteroscopy and they were able to break it up with laser and remove it, and they placed a stent. The 2 weeks I had the stent it hurt to urinate and any physcial activity made me cramp and lots of blood in urine. I had it removed 2 days ago. Doc said I would have continued blood and irritation for a few days. Here's the thing, I have no urinary pain and no blood since he took it out but i have the ongoing achey side pain again. I am so frustrated. I will give it few more days before I bug him again but you think it could still be just irritated? he showed on the cystocopy during removal the swelling of the ureter around the stent, could the ureter still be too swollen to pass fluids, could it be backing up agian in the kidney causing my achiness? How long should I wait to bug him again.
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You need not wait to "bug" him. It is his duty to follow up the post-procedure patients and perform appropriate tests and address any issues thay may have.
An ultrasound will be able to settle the question of swelling in the ureter causing obstruction and backing-up of urine into the kidney (hydronephrosis).
Since he removed the stent only 2 days ago, it is very likely that there is local inflammation and irritation in the ureter. drink plenty of fluids, and go consult your urologist.
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Tomorrow will be one week since stent removal and i still have side pain/lb. i called doc and they said it possibly another small stone bouncing around although xray last week didn't show any. I mentioned being worried about ureter still being inflamed/blocked and restricting urine passage but she said unlikely and to call if it gets too bad and they will manage with pain meds....NO! i don't want pain meds i want it fixed. I am a military wife raising two children alone while husband is in Iraq, why don't docs understand we need to function...errrr... Is it too much to demand him do an ultrasound or something?
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