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stubborn uti?

I have had all the symptoms of a UTI for over a month. I immediately began taking some "leftover" amoxicillin from my cabinet. Four days later, still no relief so I visited urgent care. Diagnosed UTI and prescribed Cipro. The doctor did not do a culture because he said it wouldn't show anything since I had been taking amoxicillin.  Four days later still no relief so I went back to urgent care. I saw another doctor. She said my labs had improved some from the Cipro but she changed me to Macrobid since sympotoms persisted. She did culture the urine and it came back negative. I took Macrobid for 7 days and the last day experienced some, but not complete relief. I continued to feel a little better for two more days. Then it came back full strength.  I had a few doses of Cipro left so I took it over the next few days until my urologists appointment.

The urine analysis showed pus cells, trace of blood, and bacteria. He prescribled doxycycline for 14 days. He was reluctant to culture because I was on an antibiotic (Cipro) at the time, and the culture came back negative. I have four days left of the doxycycline and still no relief at all. The following symptoms persist: burning when urinating, trouble begininng to urinate and sometimes unable to begin urinating, burning sensation and urgency to go constantly. Some lover abdominal pain and low back pain (but these are not constant like the others). I also took a urine test at home 2 days ago that was very high for white blood cells but neg for nitrites.

I have changed my diet and lifestyle. No more cokes, no drinking (except one on New Year's), little to no sex, lots of water, unsweetened cran juice, organinc apple cider vinegar, baking soda water, no fruits, xtra vitamin C, etc.
I have tried everything I know to do and nothing is working. I have a CT scan scheduled for next week and a follow up with my urologist the following week but that seems years away. Please, please share your thought on my situation with me.  
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