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swelling at base of penis

i have a swelling or lump at the base of my penis. it is not usually sore except during sex and expecially for the first few minutes of erection, and can be particualarly painful if i get a strong erection. Occasionally other than during erection i am aware of it, but if i feel for it then it is always there and quite noticeable. What I find strange is that it is very "balanced" ... ie it is not to the left or the right etc. but it is almost like it is "supposed" to be there; which makes me think that it is actually some part of the anatomy of the penis which has just become swollen for some reason. I have an ongoing problem with thrush, and i find it very hard to get rid of that completely ( .... isnt it true that the thrush bacteria live on the penis normally ?? ) .... but i know that one of the symptoms of thrush is a split stream - and i have that regularly even though the thrush is not really noticable at the moment and fairly under control --- so i wonder is it possible that the thrush has actually managed to infect some part of the inside of my penis - or are there any infections that could do this
also the swelling/lump is quite hard - even when i am not erect
i have read through lots of stuff on the various medical forums but nothing really acurately describes my problem
i am 39 and have had one one partner for the last 12 years, ( and she similar )
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