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tear of the superficial fascia of the penis?

I've had this problem for a number of years, and it continues to worsen.

I think I have a tear of the superficial fascia of the penis.  I've mentioned this to a few dr's and one specialist (at a large educational institution medical system).  They always say it's nothing, tho no tests have been done.

I noticed about 20 years ago, some pain below the bulb near the urethra after masturbation.  The pain would last for a few days.  Time goes by.  Now, after masturbation, I have bruising in the same area that never goes away.  I can feel a difference in this area when it is touched when flaccid or erect.  Also, I feel physically tired for a day or two after masturbation.

I'm to the point of going to an outside urologist and demanding a cavernosography or MRI or urethrographic studies..

How should I go about this?  What tests should I ask for?  What's the cheapest way to do it before I go back to my main dr?
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Hey, any updates on your condition? I have the same symptons and from the other guy post here on medhelp and on phalloboards:

-retracted, hard flaccid penis. resists stretching and remains seized up unless exposed to heat for a generous amount of time
-flaccid penis feels lighter, almost weightless at times
-tightened scrotum
-reduced erection quality. harder to get erections and erections subside quickly without stimulation.
-tight, constricting feeling when erect
-slight reduction in erect length. often times slight reduction of girth.
-indentation on one side of penis, usually the left side. more pronounced when transitioning between flaccid and erect (getting a semi hard-on)
-reduced morning erections and spontaneous erections. morning erections are poor quality and can be very infrequent or never
-cold glans and scrotum
* all symptoms seem worse when in the standing position. everything seems to loosen up a bit and erections are better when sitting
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When is the last time you talked to a doctor about it?  Have you had your testosterone checked?
Urologists can't see nothing wrong with it, blah blah blah is all in your head, take some viagra. I did, it's in "normal range".
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I have a similar problem and I created a doc to summarize it.


Don't hesitate to add a comment if you have information.
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Did you had any news on this ? I have a similar issue (rupture of one of the fascias of the penis), and could not find any help in the urologist of my region.

Do anyone has some information to provide about where to have the proper exams for this issue ? Or even better some doctor that actually repais ruptured fascias ?
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Wow this post is old now, I hope you still look at this. I have a small lump around the size of a dime on the right side of my penile shaft between the middle and the base. It is a lump when erect and sunken in when flaccid, what is that. I have the condition known as hard flaccid by the way, due to penile exercises I did 9 years ago. Thanks.
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This sounds like my husbands problem and we have found nobody to help us in the NY area.  Where is the best place to get studies done?
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Have you noticed any other symptoms, such as a bulge or lump appearing over the area with the deficient fascia?

By bruising, have you noticed any alteration of skin color or is it just by the pain that you know bruising has occured?

Pain in the penis that is aggravated on ejaculation can be related to prostate conditions. This can be evaluated by urinalysis, DRE, prostate ultrasound, prostate fluid exam, etc.

It is a good idea to consult another urologist in this regard if you feel that your problem has not been addressed adequately.

An ultrasound of the penis will indicate any deficient areas and a doppler study will provide an idea of the state of blood supply to the penis.

Do keep us posted.
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