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testicle soreness

hello, i have a problem which i hope someone can shed some light on.

approximately 3 or so odd years ago, by fluke, they found a couple of cysts on my left epididymis, they were classified and benign and just been  monitoring them with an ultrasound yearly. over time they have gotten slightly bigger but the doctor told me as long as they were not causing any problems there was no use in surgically remove them as scarred tissue in that vicinity is never a good thing.

approximately 3 weeks ago one morning i got up and i was getting this throbbing pain in my testicles (the best way i can describe the pain is like that persistent throbbing pain you get if you've ever been hit in the testicles before), predominantly on the left side but slightly on the right as well. visited the doctor a week later and he said i had epididymitis without doing anything. told him the syptoms and he said yup epididymitis. didn't look at them, no urine sample or anything. put me on ciprofloxacin 500mg twice daily for 14 days, NSAIDS, scrotal elevation and cold therapy as well and also ordered a ultrasound (as i've recently moved to UK so they dont have the previous ultrasound reports on hand) as a precautionary measure. and also being referred to a urologist to have it checked up even further.

well its been 2 weeks and the medication is done and pretty much no difference. still getting the pain, but i've noticed some other things along the way.
1)when i take a shower, the pain becomes more prominant (i'm assuming due to the heat of the shower)
2)as i get aroused, they start to hurt more and more, and after ejaculation they hurt for a while.
3)and only on the left side, the testicle hurts but the pain is also abdominal and behind the pelvic bone as well, pretty much the whole left side.

hopefully i'll being to to my ultrasound soon, and urologist even sooner (but knowing the healthcare over here, its gonna be a long while). help anybody? anybody can shed some light on this for me? could it be due to the cysts on my left side? but then again what about the pain on the right side?
any help will be greatly appreciated.
thank you
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