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teticular lump detected

Posted By kent  on October 05, 1998 at 22:28:03:

I detected a firm (not hard) pea-sized lump inside the sack on top of my left testical.  It has not appeared to grow in size but has recently begun to hurt (a dull, aching pain).  This testical also feels "heavier" then the right.  I went to my family doctor and she said that it was probably spermatoceles, since the lump was on the top of the testical and not directly inside of it.  Nevertheless, she suggested an appointment with a urologist--but could not get me in for a few months.  Now, what I would like to know is how much should I worry?  It does not sound like variocele or hydrocele, and I don't know my family history (other than many have had cancer just not testicular cancer).  I am 23, in good health, and have been losing wieght recently--although I can't understand why because of late I have not been very active or eating very well.  Please give me any advice or information you may have.  Thank you.
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