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tinglingsensation in the tip of my penis, pain in testes

Long story short. One month ago, when I'd been out partying, I got drunk, and I fooled around with a girl (a girl other than my significant other... this was not my smartest moment, and have sworn off partying from now on). There was unprotected oral and unprotected anal sex that went on that night. 2 days later I had burning with urination. I went to an urgent care clinic, was tested for a UTI. I came up clear. Went to my doctor a week later. He didn't think it was an STD, but he took a urine sample and retested for a UTI. Again - clear. I went back to the urgent care clinic. The nurse practitioner said the only other possibilities that would meet my symptoms were chlamydia or gonorrhea. She took a urine sample, and sent it to the State Lab to be tested. This too, came up negative. The symptoms went away a few days after I got the chlamydia/gonorrhea test results, but two days ago I noticed a tickling/tingling sensation in the tip of my penis (which occasionally feels like there's urine or semen stuck in the tip), which was accompanied by the occasional throbbing sensation in the testicles. It seems to get worse when I masturbate, or have sex.

I have no clue what it could be? The whole time I've had no discharge, been tested twice for a UTI, once for chlamydia/gonorrhea, and have no ideas what it could be. My doctor said if it didn't clear up, I need to see a specialist/urologist, but I can't afford that right now. I've been out of work 3 months, have no insurance, and am running out of money (in fact - I'm unsure how I'll pay my medical bills from my doctor and from the urgent care when they arrive. I know a urologist will cost more).

What am I supposed to do? What could be the problem? I know what I did wasn't smart, so don't chastise me and say I deserve what I get! All you'd be doing is wasting your time, and annoying me! I want to get this cleared up so I can return to having a normal life. I want this discomfort gone! It's hard to concentrate on job searching when you have this sense of discomfort below the belt! Please advise!
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