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trace blood in urine

I have been having medical issues since my children were born, one is 6 and the other is 18 months.  After my 6 year old was born, I started having symptoms of IBS (abdominal swelling and pain in my abdomen, usually after eating).  I was diagnosed with gallstones and my gall bladder was removed.  That seemed to clear it up.  After my daughter was born, I started having the same symptoms, only this time it was when I would eat pasta or anything cooked with any oils, margarine, or butter.  At the same time, I have had a sudden onset of hypertension.  Normal all my life was around 115/65.  Now it has been as high as 155/97.  Blood pressure medicine was too strong and made me very dizzy.  I am now taking a diuretic and it seems to be helping.  During this entire new episode of symptoms, I have had a dull pain in my lower back that will spread to my lower abdomen (at times).  I was unsure of what the cause of this might be but have consistently discussed it with my physician.  I have had a bad case of fatigue since these symptoms started.  Also, it seems I have developed a skin condition on my elbows and thighs that resembles psoriasis.  This is the first time this has ever happened. It has been there now for over 12 months. Last, hopefully, is that my left hip will have a dull pain in it on and off.  Nothing seems to relieve this.  I went today for a followup to have my routine bloodwork.  Upon revealing the symptoms in my back, the doctor decided to collect a urine sample.  It had enough trace amounts of blood to schedule a CAT Scan.  I just had one performed in February, along with a upper and lower GI.  The only thing the Gastro Dr. found was internal hemherroids.  There is a history of high blood pressure, kidney stones, diabetes, and heart disease in my family.  I don't know if my doctor is sure of what he is looking for?  Should I consult with someone else or can you give me some advice?

Please help, I am tired!!
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Hopefully your urine was collected as a "midstream" sample, as this would be the most reliable in making sure that there truly is blood in your urine  (see previous answers about hematuria). Assuming that this was such a collection,  I would ask about your voiding  (urinating) pattern. Stones would often increase your urinary frequency. As to what your physician is hoping to find, I am not sure. Kidney stone and advanced cancers in your kidney can cause the blood and back pains that are often one sided. Some people have blood in their urine without any cause. If you have persistent blood in your urine, then you should see a urologist. If nothing can be found on the repeat CT scan and there are no changes in your voiding pattern and you do not truly have hematuria, a second opinion, possibly from a dermatologist, is reasonable.
Hope that this helps.
S.A.Liroff, M.D.

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I've been having trace blood in my urine for some time off & on, I work at a mental health facility and was attacken by  a out of control client and was kneed in the lower stomach, maybee that caused this problem.
well I'm having all types of test to see what it is, recently referred to a urologist, i'm pretty scard.
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